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Wednesday 24 February 2010
♥; Oh
Finally i can get up and type.

Me life has been all about sleeping (20 hours a day), excretion of waste ;), fever and nauseousness for the past ungodly 4 days.

And today, after much love from koibito, i am finally able to say, i think i'm getting better :)

I came home one night and saw my sister sleeping on the sofa with a bucket beside her and i thought she had gotten drunk or something! After i went to the toilet for the umpteenth time before heading to bed, my body decided I would feel better if i Puked. Argghh. I hate puking :(. Apparently she had the same problem as me. So did my lil bro a few days ago. Poor us :(.

The next day i was too dead to get off my bed and my family thought i was sleeping in late. I sent a text to me love and after a couple of hours i woke up and there he was in me room! *so touched

That same night i was upstairs in a room when my uncle came and brought some herbal tea for my Sister.
Such is life.
Sometimes you might surprise yourself on who really cares about you. Yeah i'm complaining but even a dimwit knows my uncle cares about me too. Just that they have more affection for my sis.

And i know who has the Most affection for lil me. Zat iz my zuper duper le koibito <3

And yet again today again, i woke up to seeing his beaming figure in my room:)

I guess if it weren't for him. I would be out the 3rd day i was sick and challenge my body's mechanism all over again, and never get better.

I guess some people might think i'm anti-social but I really think completing my assignments and recouping my health is far more important than anything else. I was doing my assignments on the dining table one day and just opposite me were my cousins and sisters playing rummy. I really liked that feeling. I miss having all my cousins back here. :(

I guess I am getting old. I can't stay awake for the whole night without getting sick OFL

I thank my koibito for giving me intelligent perspectives on all areas in life and especially in health and diet. And one of them is simply: Stop eating when you're full.

(╬ ಠ益ಠ) lol easy to say. VERY hard to put into action. and i fail most of the time

That is why i absolutely hate it when people keep INSISTing i eat when i've already said i'm full. Which part of FULL don't they understand? I mean, if they do care, they'd know i've been battling with weight issues since forever. And now that i finally am doing a teeny weeny better, do they feel good to break the little mediocre result i've achieved? Ok ofcourse not, but i'm sure they dont care if they accidentally did. And this brings us back to my original issue of Who really cares about you.

Thank you koibito. And to those who were nice enough to text me and ask me about my condition. <3

P/S: Yay. i got rated as best answer in Yahoo Q& A for giving out hair styling tips

i want to wake up to a different rayfarer for my outfit everyday

i want to ride the bicycle in an open field

i want to be a confident ballerina

i want to have a purdy vintage camera

i want to receive love mails

i want to play in the snow

I want to live in the Faraway tree and be friends with Moonface, Silky and the Saucepan man.

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Friday 19 February 2010
♥; Women and Boys
Girl: Today i wear black blouse, black panty hose, black gladiators, black hair, black watch, and pink heart for you <3

Boy: And i have a pink head for you <3


Girl: *Hungry

Boy: You want to eat sausage with cream?

Girl : ?? What flavour??

Boy: hmm, which one do u want? honey comb or lemon?
*I only have two types of seasoning(shampoo) now



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Friday 5 February 2010
♥; -.-
Something i found:

Q: Where can i buy fake Chanel stud earrings?


Search for them on the internet. There are many websites with fakes. I got a LV on the internet a few months ago. Just google it. Im sure something will come up.
Fake Chanel earrings are about 30 bucks.
Good Luck!

A3:try ebay

A4: http://www.xxxx.com has the largest selection on the internet that ive found i buy things there all the time if is awesome

A4: Go to a fake Chanel store.

God i still love Yahoo Q & A!

Oh i love those earrings. hello hello. i need to unbulk the weight of my wishlist pleaseee.

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Monday 1 February 2010
♥; Angry!!!
This is gonna be a PMSRanty-full post so PLEASE leave before you burn.

Idk what has gone wrong with the world. Or how social cultures have evolved. But SHIT, this ain't good. I have no mood to type in coherent sentences cuz imma BURST any second.

I can't stand:

People who just LOVE Attention
People who talk to you. But 90% of the focus is on them.
People who can't stay SINCERE and FAITHFUL
People who lie to their other halves. And never change.
People who stand STUBBORNLY on their stance, but it's all wrong.... it's alllll wronnnggg
People who have complicated flings here and there and think of those as "someone to accompany me when i'm lonely"
People who are IRONIC
People who have the underlying belief that relationships are disposable and make people perceive otherwise.
People who have always wanted to f*** your bestfriend ever since they started dating you but never got the nerve to tell you and guess what, you'll never know too.
People who use another just for their own convenience and does not even have the tendency to pretenddd to involve them in their own conversations.

It's a SADDD world out there. =(

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I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com