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Monday 30 November 2009
♥; The Story of the Infamous General Hots Muchacha
There was once a crunchy snack called Cheetos Flaming Hot. It was born Red and it was not liking it one bit. Why am i red when all of em fags are light brown!
Yes, he was red, and he got mad, and he decided to rule over the world, or at least people's stomachs.

He studied biophysichemwachamacallit science and turned himself into an addictive menace called General Hots.

He was red, but he wants everyone who eats his clones Red too!

Red tongue, red lips, red fingers......... and yes, red poo poo T T

"Muahahahahhahhaa," it roared squeaked

One day, an unsuspecting fat girl bought a pack of Cheetos Flaming Hot and never looked back since.

However, she promptly discovered the evirrrrl plans of the Dictator.

"NoooOooOoooOooo," she screamed

"Muahahahah, muahahahha!" it squeaked

Everytime this girl had the whole family pack of Flaming hot ( yes she is greedy like that, that's why she's fat too), she gets the worst ache in the tummy and she swore to herself, "I'll never eat another piece of you ever again!"
She gave General Hots one swift kick and he flew out of planet earth.

Years later, this girl was strolling along the aisle with her dearest koibito and little did she know, General Hots had made it all the way back to the aisles with a bigger and better recipe.

The girl, who was in constant amnesia, unsuspectingly bought the menace home. What was worse, her koibito who was never an avid fan of snacks jumped on the bandwagon on his first crunchy bite and the both of em munched on the evirrrl snacks until their mouth were full like hamsters. They got their mouths red, hands red, and the next morning...

"NooooOoooOooOooOOOoooo..." the girl screamed.
Crap. Bad bad tummy ache T T
Little by little, flashbacks of her encounter with the General Hots kicked in.
"Muahahahahahahahahhah" he squeaked ever so delightedly.

This time, she wasn't going to let him get away with it. With one bite, she swallowed General Hots down her throat, had the most wicked tummy ache to date, and ouuuut he went down the drain, in his pure evirrrl essence, RED.

The End.

Victims of General Hots

Unidentified Child #1: I like them so much. They're my favorite. When I eat Hot Cheetos, I get crazy.

What would happen to me if I ate this whole bag.

Unidentified Child #4: You might have the runs.

Unidentified Child #5: Your booty might be burning.

(Adapted HERE)

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♥; What they perceive
It's quite amusing how mere words can enlighten our minds and hearts.
I am thoroughly thankful for stumbling upon a blog. Her joviality and open-heartedness towards her relationship has given me a different perspective, and a thoroughly eye opening experience.

I've gone through hell and back these few days. Well, not actually hell, cuz i've learnt to forgo the things that disturb me (new skill, laughs), at least temporarily. But things were bad because it made me scared. I saw and experienced that side of a relationship i've never been to before. I want to confide in someone but.... nah...

Most of the time i understand what is wrong. It is, for the matter, my problem, and what i tell are just 20% of what is happening, and biasedly negative as per my emotions.

I don't need someone to tell me " I told you". I just need a sidekick to help lay off the bad stuff and laugh and feel better.
What better sidekick than reading. Happy writings, silly writings, plain senseless but funny writings... which reminds me,
I've encountered so many blogs where the perceived image is bimbotic. Talking about makeup, being supposedly quite carefree and.... bimbotic perse. But if you analyse further the make up of their words, they are actually intellectual beings with a strong state of mind.

Image image image. It's quite sad how people perceive of you by the attitude and get up you give off. It really irks me. Why can't a person be indifferent to "serious" stuff and have fun without being judged. I guess that's the way the world rolls (get it? get it? hahaha)

Am i supposedly less smart than you if i'm not an Engineer or works in the area of the Sciences? Am i less capable if i like to get dressed up and party? Am i less capable if i'm indifferent to some things you deem are important?


I bet half of them won't even pass a General Trivia test.

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Saturday 28 November 2009
♥; Facing the delectable music

Sometimes, in a relationship, you get so caught up in the midst of everything that you think Should be ideal, that you get upset over those things that are supposedly should, but Not going your way

Expectation kills, but I wonder, isn’t expectation a rudiment ingredient for progression?

Expectations.. dreams.. ideas………….disappointments.

Ideas and visions conflict, rebuking each other wrathfully. Or is it one idea chasing over another while the other tries to run away?

Anyhow, I do realize, we are, after all, only human. That’s what makes us special.

The pain of being apart is way more painful than those tiny fights and arguments.

That is why, even though i loathe it, I’ll rather be different with you, than apart from you.

Hm, I am weak; by succumbing to the dire states.Whatever happened to the Empowerment of Women?

Well, i guess it lost to love.

& there weren't any fireworks or

shining stars in our eyes. just a

boy and a girl holding hands

& that's all that they needed


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Okay. as yal know by now, whenever i'm not so happy, i try to administer to it and make myself amused.

Well, it's working cuz I can't stop laughing bout this FML HAHAHAHAHA BEHOLD

*from cheeserland

Piao Lips? hahahaha FTS!
"Wu hen jie fa" = Have no trace to connect hair HAHAHAH
Damn direct translate can! LMAOO.


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Tuesday 17 November 2009
♥; Back In
Apparently House music is all the rage right now. Though i hate it but with all the remixes goin' round, i can spare a soft spot for it.

Music and Fashion is changing. Remember the times when, with just one beat/ one look, we can determine which era that piece of shit's from? Lol, not the classics like Grace Kelly's time. But the glamour pop beats of the 80's, complete with i-don-know-what hair, shoulder-pads, rayfarers, and the brightest blings you can muster up.

Then, the 90's and the 00's came and everything was 15000% toned down.
But times are changing again, it's back to electro-pop, triple eyeshadow colors, sky-high clogs. Get ready for the ride baby, we're goinn downnnn....

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Sunday 15 November 2009
♥; Plato's Atlantis

These shoes are serzly the epitome of futuristic chic!
These Alexander McQueen's S/S 2010's were debuted on the Paris runway in October (near my birthday ;)
Not forgetting the clothes, models were morphed with mini dresses with reptile and geometric digital prints.
Can you spell Outrageous?

According to sources, these designs were in accordance to the (damned) revelation of the End of the World. Which reminds me, 2012 was the bomb! Although I know it's in a way succumbing to the apocryphal prophecy(?), but yea. it was good! Btw, did you guys see Arnie in there?? Hahahaha. I recognised that fag accent and promptly remembered he was the Governor of California wtf

K. Anyways, McQueen believes that humankind has evolved from the sea and this Line clearly shoes his vision. Read: sea-reptile, aquatic, jewelled, geometrical, futuristic, Atlantis (cue from 2012: John Cusacks's book "The Lost Atlantis" lol).

Apocalypse or not. I am loving the whimsical portrayal of this outrageous OUTRAGEOUS fashion.

Here is a pic of Heiress and Fashion icon Daphne Guiness rockin the infamous alien shoes. I agree it does look a bit funny hahahaha wtf but all's good in Love and Fashion!!!

Better still this line is in collaboration with no other than my FAVOURITE glam pop rocker artist of all time, other than Kylie. LADY GAGA.
Fuck you people who just keep rambling on and on and on about "natural" beauty or uzztang makeup. I protest!! Genre people. GENRE!!! Shove off the clones and let the Drag Queens rock the stage!!!

See if you can spot the despotic shoes in there. I love love love this number, esp. at 3.30 mins! Some of m'mates think it's scary but i think it's da freakin bomb!!! Enjoy!

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I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com