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Saturday 31 October 2009
♥; Crimpy hair

I am loving this look on Mary Kate :)
It was the curly hair (when i saw MKO on tv) that tempted me to google for this look. However, after some examination, i find her hair a bit too tousled or curly than expected.

Nevertheless, black flowy gown+light crimpy hair+smokey eyes with blue pupils+fair skin+ ruby lips = FIERCE!!!

With a black lace mask, this would be the PERFECT look for the Masquerade ball. :)

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♥; Life changes after 20
Very stressed. Worse still, it's a deja-vu/recurrent kinda feeling *shudders

Why do we keep putting off things that matters??

I see are chances flying by and i can't seem to grab hold of em.

I need competition. I want to be back in shape like the primary and secondary days. I miss that. A lot.

University is so different. I've come to realise that someone doesn't necessarily have to have the smarts, at least in the humanities field. What you need is to be hardworking and hand in what you have to do.

That is my exact problem

Thinking having the smarts is enough + laziness = DISASTER

What if i didn't turn down the chance to take up design three years ago? Where would i be right now? Still clueless? Would I have graduated and be working under mom's designer friend already? Would i have quit 'cause I would think that languages and linguistics is what I want to venture in?

That is pure evil reciprocity!

Realised I've made so many wrong detours in life just because of not thinking thoroughly enough

In this area, is there anything as "wrong" anyway?

You see some people out there who're far more clueless than you are who get presented with all the opportunities

Then again, this is life.

♥ But what do I want in life?

There's too many questions piling up, left unanswered.

I need answers.

*sharp detour >.>

Been playing with this the past few days, this is what i hooked up again.

Live Laugh Love. In floral pinks!! Featuring There's Hope for Breast Cancer inspirational silver necklace.

I hope this phase of searching-for-the-meaning-in-life goes away soon.
But hey, isn't that what we're born to do?


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Friday 30 October 2009
♥; Twilight Beauty
Twilight is so big it even has its own range of beauty products!

The goal for Twilight Beauty was to create two beautiful and striking lines that women could fall in love with, much in the same way they fell in love with the Twilight saga. The hope is that, beyond the lure of its edgy, sophisticated packaging, true makeup consumers will find they have discovered products they can’t live without.

There are two ranges: Luna Twilight and Volturi Twilight.

Luna Twilight is a reflection of the spirit of the whole Twilight saga, and the power of Edward's love for Belle, despite all the obstructing challenges.

Haunting trees wrap the componentry to recreate the forest backdrop of so many of the story's romantic moments. The line was created for everyone from the Twilight enthusiast to women looking to highlight their own radiance. Every aspect of Luna Twilight embodies the beauty of this truly timeless tale.

I don't know why but i find this kinda funny but cool nonetheless! :P
Twilight Venom (shimmering lipstain)

Female Fatale Lipgloss in Myth
Who can resist this!!!

First Light (face illuminator)
For the Cullens' aura-like sheen lol

Volturi Twilight, reflects the supernaturalbeauty of the Volturis, who are regarded as royalty and the most powerful of the clan.

The crest of the powerful Volturi family is the centerpiece and logo of the brand, appearing on every item of the line. The line has a sharp clear prismatic quality halved with a solid timeless black, symbolizing the never ending struggle between good and evil, right and wrong, love and lust.

Labyrinth Loose eyeshadow in Dawn (SO PRETTY)

Enrapture Lipgloss (yes lipgloss!) in Arsenic.
Sheerest back that goes on clear and leaves a trace of gold shimmer with a delicate licorice scent. (*infatuatedcry)

Crown Metallic Mascara in Royal Blue.
Would love to try a metallic mascara!

I don't know if the actual makeup products are any good, but they look really tempting. At least the above mentioned products anyway. All the products has such a ethereal venetian glam to it; call me superficial but who can resist Themed-packaging! (like Benefit). Twilight summore! Which reminds me. New Moon will be out in theatres 20-11-2009!!

I used Luna Twilight Female Fatale Lipgloss in '53 chevy (read, the perfect 50's red pout) in this set. Was trying to come up with a Masquerade Glam look :)

Masquerade Glam featuring Roberto Cavalli

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Thursday 29 October 2009
♥; Killer studs

Killer Night Out featuring Christian Louboutin Studded pumps

Just a random look
I gained weight
Just realised i never actually lost much, it's the clothes that disillusioned me
Also realised there are some people who seem to be angry 24/7, either that, or their fb statuses are all lies
The same people are hypocrites
Gala Night is gonna be expensive, $30 for tickets, allocated $60 for dress, and mask! Broke:(
♥♥Is waiting for my new baby:)


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Sunday 25 October 2009
♥; You think you do...
Sometimes you feel sif you've fallen into this whirlwind of mishaps, sunk so low you can barely see a skint of sunshine. Then, it comes. The saviour. Whatever it might be.

A hand gleaming with glitterati, offering you a lift from the well of darkness.

You smile.

Just when you think you've seen a light of hope, thunder comes and washes all the glitter down your drain


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Saturday 24 October 2009
♥; Frenzy
In a state of frenzy and tight deadlines, i chose to blog. (**)
Anyway, been up since 515 am after a night of fever trauma ( but it wasn't that bad. received love from youknowwho:P). I've been in the library all day typing away, and i still haven't reached 10 references yet. FML FML FML.

Ahh. still summore to go.. i....can... reachhh.. it....

Le sigh.

Wanting this week: Chanel Le Vernis nail color in none other than JADE. Fresh from the fall collection.

lalala. off to scout for some nature-inspired polishes:)

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Friday 16 October 2009
♥; Nail em!
I'm not the one that's particular on (my) nails, if u notice, my nails are forever short and if there's polish on em, they're chipped wtf. However, i love it when a nail polish's unique! like the matte ones from OPI, Zoya, and Manglaze ( none which are available locally T T)

Anyway, i love this :D

*NOT my nails

See the star patterns there? They're not drawn on, but Magnetised!
And to think this is from L'OREAL!!
First, you apply a coat of the nail varnish
Secondly, place the fingernail close to the magnet (at the handle) without touching
A starlike pattern appears! *starry eyed.

IMHO, the color above is kinda crappy.Lookie it in silver!!!


However , I don't know where to get these lil gems because nothing's ever available in Brunei, not even drugstore brands like this. huhuhu.
Like when I wanted Revlon Nude attitude and went over to the counters but never found one -____-

In addition to things that i can't get

Solotica lenses (pictured above, Azul Claro, meaning something blue lol)

The above color simply sweeps me off my feet! I've wanted contact lenses like this since forever. It goes so well with the gothic-dark look. Lenses available here are mostly too funky/ fake looking, for me, at least.

These lenses are made and distributed only in Brazil so they're quite expensive to get online (up to USD 50 i think). That also means it's impossible for me to get. FACT 1 about me, in average,i change contact lenses every 3 weeks, not because i want to, but cuz i need to. My eyes are so sensitive they always dry out on me T T.

Anyway, have a good evening yal. Im not too sure about mine tho :/


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Tuesday 13 October 2009
♥; Right.....
I'm in one of the uni classrooms now dreading to walk back to the hostel cuz i have a bag full of files and library books.. a laptop.. And wearing 4 inch heels and a baju skirt that likes to wave hi when the wind blows. Look at my conjunctions and you'll know the performance of my brain right now wtf.

Anyway, my new(old) watch broke!! One tiny tiny nut came off and i have been so careful with it too. FML. Now i don't know whether to get it fixed at the local watchmaker (?) or at the Gucci store.

I hope these 2 weeks will pass reallly quickly.. so i can get my assignments over and done with. On the other hand i hope it won't cuz i won't have enough time to look for sources huhuhu. Why do you call something a group work when you have to do most of the things yourself? Don't wanna venture into that too much but yeah. There's two scenarios here,
1) People who are so inactive you have to practically do their work for them
2) People who like to DIRECT but never get to anything but likes to bathe in the limelight.

I don't get it. Why do some people CRAVE for so much attention. I mean, certain attention in a while is a good ego-boost, which is a great pick me up. But i've seen people DROWN in this drug-like effect and crave for more and more and ironically enough, most pick up another stupid element, which is hypocrisy. I'm no saint, but lemmejust say, I am DISGUSTED by this behaviour.

Serzly, go fuck yourselfs


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Sunday 11 October 2009
♥; Birthday <3
At koibito's now. been a typical nice sunday :)

My birthday party was a success! :)
The place was aweeesome. i LOVEd the smell of the leather chairs *delusional
I want to take the chance here to thank the SUPER bf of mine. He helped me so so much, with the groceries... preparing the stuff...cleaning up after the party. He pretty much did it all. ofcourse, to all the lovelies that came.
Thank u <3

koibito <3>

my makeup for the night. bottom falsies are a pain to apply!!

my girlsss

da boysss

let us dance dance dance!!

On the actual day.....

can't leave out the red egg!

lamb chop. my fav.

He said the beef steak was like bubble gum and ordered this. He said it wasn't good either. LIAR! lol!

i love roses

champagne o champagne <3

me (**)

i know he thought hard to try to surprise me. You wouldnt wanna know what's inside the white parcel -.- hahahha.

Ahhh. been a nice week. This week wasn't bad either, but not for the next 2 weeks. Assignments assignments assignments. :(

Anyway, I found a vintage Gucci watch in dad's room! wuwuwuwu. The battery wasn't working cuz duh... it Is 25 years old, but got it fixed and YAY, a new lease of life! Hope i don't wreck it.


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I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com