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Friday 25 September 2009
♥; Good-night
Tonight is a good night:)

Today, a nice girl whom i seldom talked to came to chat with me on MSN and asked me to do her hair for a wedding dinner. Haha. That seriously threw me back. I mean, i'm used to my cousins coming to me to help do their hair but I never expected a friend to ask me that. I really don't know how to work on other people's hair other than mine actually. Except, isteris'. I loveee doing hers. :)

Yesterday me, yee, and chien, after DAYS of suggesting and getting excited over the idea of baking cakes, finally doggone went and DID IT. lol.
It wasn't my first time baking cakes with friends and it won't be my last. I LOVE it. Feels so domestic wtf. The process of going to buy ingredients, preparing, actually baking it, and Seeing the end product is so damn gratifying!

We decided to bake chocolate chip cookies and a lemon baked cheese cake. Don't play play, double duty okay. The cookies was mostly done by yee and the cheese cake, me, chien. Brabra joined us later.

All 4 of us realised we had good handskills at whisking. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH

Ok. anyways, i dont have pictures yet but the end products were gooood :) The cheese cake this time didn't sink. The one i did for koibito's birthday sank so much, Alvin, who helped me a lot that day to bring my surprise cake to the restaurant asked me " Is that a cake or a layer of cheese" fml.

Tonight wasn't my idealll night. Hai.
Let u in on a secret, i hate certain events. I hate my birthday and i Hate Chinese new year. I always get fat during both these times and have a HUGE wardrobe malfunction and some calamities Always happen. For my bday, the same ol shit always happens.
Nobody ever really RSVPs me. period.
That's the way our culture works and i Absofucking HATE it. It happens to almost every single event anyone organises but yeh it's my birthday ofcourse i'm a wee sensitive about it. I really wish the world would have more empathy T T. Thank god for a blog for venting out. And koibito, he was really good tonight:)

Anyway, even if more ppl cancel out on me without telling me or dont RSVP, i'll still have him and besties :)

Saw this quote somewhere and it really makes sense :)

Maybe mistakes are what make our fate... without them what would shape our lives? Maybe if we had never veered off course we wouldn't fall in love, have babies, or be who we are. After all, things change, so do cities, people come into your life and they go. But it's comforting to know that the ones you love are always in your heart... and if you're very lucky, a plane ride away

(Sex & The City).

P/S: if u realise, im being very incoherent.


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Sunday 20 September 2009
♥; Wanna shop
I feel like shopping all of the sudden I want to go Singapore like now now now! Koibito says the airtix to SG in November are.. i forgot haha. like$170?? The fares for December are doggone $400+ krazyyy.

I like Alexa's style but she looks kinda like Hilary swank. errr.

With Kelly Osbourne. Beautiful.

Jessica Stam! Even her name rocks!

Forever and always, icon

Leeighton Meester looks SO much better with dirty blonde hair

MKO!! <3

some pretty Korean. I love this hair length but i'm too sissy to get a cut.

This reminds me. I got a tatt. will post pics up soon i guess.

I want a big big piece...! Like somewhere near the proximity of the rib-cage. However, isteri reminded me of something beautiful/tragic that we'll face in the future........ expansion during pregancy T T. Therefore, it'll be something near the back rather than the front.. Not those sissy butterflies near your buttocks la wtf. I want a real piece of art. Something that i'll cry whenever i look at it hahahaha wtf. Neh.. we'll see.


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♥; Parties + Giveaway!
Slept at 4.30 yesterday. I could feel my liver burning. oh gosh. Is that a sign of too much alky? I serzly didnt have much.! T T  Anyway, i got up in the morning with no signs of fatigue and have gone to the washroom to detox twice already so i guess that's okay right hahaha wtf.

Went to Max doi's house for a steamboat session and pigdog's after that. It felt really good having all your friends gather in a spot, just chilling out:) Pigdog's was another story, it was dance dance dance all the way baby!!!

If i had a dollar for each time a person asked me where my boyfriend was, i'd be swimming in cash now lol wtf. The answer i give Never changes. If you've asked me before you should know :)

Ahhh. bliss with the internet. Life without a phone and the connection to the www SUCKS big time. On Wednesday i had to walk all the way to the IT lab to go online to do my research and at that same time my phone went dead on me started to die. I brought the charger along with me but the cursed thing just wouldn't budge when i tried it in the socket.

Whatmore, mich texted me that the Rakuno Gakuen students were CUTEEEE> OMG> i had that stupid heck of an assignment to do and we all know assignments are more important haha wtf. When i was finally done with my research, i wanted to text her to see if they were still there and ofcourse, my phone had already died by then and i had no choice but to walk ALL the way back to my room to revive the damn thing. So i actually Missed seeing them! One of them looks like Leonard and another looks like RAINNNN ok! Itu Korea punya HUJAN AHH.
I don't know how some people can live without a phone or think the internet is superfluous (that's you E****)

Anyway, it's a Sunday and by this time i usually would be having brunch with koibito but hey..someone might be on a banana boat or rocking with some chicks now haha.

Giveaway again!

Tammi is hosting a giveaway celebrating 50 followers. Guess what, it's grown to more than a 100 now. Congrats!! Her site has a variety of topics like entertainment, beauty, food, and so on :D. Go check out the giveaway HERE.

The prizes are so so nice, as with most of the giveaways i have entered so far but never won:(
I've heard So much about Silk Whitia masks and China Glaze nail polishes but sadly, we don't have em here.

Anyway, some pictures from last week. At Victoria, East Wood. It was nothing but fun fun fun!


the crowd is saying hello!


And the week before that....


koibito <3

I wish i could go to Miri too for my bday...:( Or just a spacious floor for me to dance my heart out!
Not forgetting champagne! Sigh.

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Saturday 19 September 2009
♥; It could've been better
In case some of you thought i'd died, neh, im still here.
I cant believe i spent the whole of yesterday and the whole of today doing assignments, and feeding my waistline. -.-

I woke up at 10 to rush for an assignment due at 5pm.. yeh it was given like a month ago and i only started today. Good. very good. I managed to hand in at 530 lol but i'm so so so not proud of it. Although the course says "English Language in South East Asia", the whole fuckin' thing is about PHONETICS. and ahem. mind you. I l-0 -v-e LOVE Phonetics. Which is why i'm so doggone angry at myself. That's sloppy work i handed it.. it could've been much better T T.

Ok. i actually have another assignment to do now. Systemic Functional Grammar. Grammar, which i l-o-v-e too :) But i dont have a printer! Dear ol'dad forgot to bring the printer cable when we moved house, how convenient. Koibito is not around too... :( Have a good trip at kk bibi:)
HAiHHHH. dont mind me, i want to go into fits of if only.




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Friday 11 September 2009
♥; Hand me a bag
I guess fooling around lurking in cyberspace does make one feel better, especially reading lame jokes from various sites :)

Azi gave a lame yo mama joke in msn tonight. I didnt get to join in the conversation cuz i was away.
-Yo mama's so fat, it takes 4 days to go around her waist


Ahhhh i want a vintage distressed/crushed leather handbag!! Or a suede one. Like Loewe's 'Tierra 49' bag....Rock & Roll baby. Or another casual like LV Noe.. in red!! T T

On the other hand, i'd also want a prim and proper handbag. 2.55 .. my ultimate love. I will get you someday.
I'd like to see myself as a mature, elegant, refined, and definitely more independent young lady when i wear it in the future:> ( writing this vision makes me wanna laugh, with the rate i swear at the moment, but hey, a dream for a dream:>)

Hell, in my dreams i'll have All the variations of the classic flapbag AND the Reissue. lmao.

I definitely think all of us should dress age appropriately, physically And cognitively. Sometimes, when i see people that are Blinded by brand names and go into a brand frenzy, whether (unnecessarily) showcasing their status or wealth or whatnots, or even some who know minimum information about a certain products but try to showoff either way, I really want to shake my head.

Hmm, about the abovementioned, im sorry if i have offended anyone, but as i said, this is MY SPACE (my space lmao, which reminds me, i joined myspace just to stalk Cyril Takayama and I havent stalked him like in a year i'm such a failure boohoo) and i'm entitled to my opinions.

Wtf why am i digressing, my main point is. I need a bag. Good night

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Thursday 10 September 2009
♥; What i am feeling + What i perceive of some
Sometimes... you feel as if nobody understands you, not even yourself.
Sometimes... you feel as though nothing is right.
Sometimes... it really feels as if nobody knows what you want, as if you're at war with yourself.
Sometimes... you just don't know what you want.
Sometimes... it just feels as though the world is angry with you and decided not to make your day.

Just a small piece of my mind. Sometimes, people do get all over themselves with their problems. That is All they talk about. I guess underneath it all, we're all just insecure beings, seeking for the answers we want to hear, for the empathy, for the shared pain we go through, for the condolences and support. However, no matter what people say, for the most, decisions for the actions that we want to take depends on ourselves; sometimes, it just clicks into place just like that.

I got this excerpt from someone's blog. Hope she doesn't mind me putting this here

Now that i am single, i am able to view and think from a single-mind hood and it makes me realized how woman can be so annoying, so demanding, so unreasonable so not understanding at all and at times. Especially the ones that are attached. Their current actions reflects a mirror of me in the past. I can totally feel it in their shoes why such actions are portray. Sometimes i feel sad for those woman who carries this kind of weak actions. Past experience help me understand why and how. And you will be a much better understanding person, friend, girlfriend, or wife to that someone that matters in your life.

This is exactly the person i am turning into. Every single advice i have given and have visioned from the stance of Singlehood have now turned their backs on me. I've turned into this easily agitated weakling who feels overwhelmed by emotions.
To comfort myself, one thing that i always tell people:
Everything's just a phase. Phases come and go. The good ones we keep in memory.

I hope bad times like this (it's ALL in the name of PMS. god!) fly fast. I want beautiful beautiful memories. And I want to be able to dwell industriously into many many other future undertakings too! Ganbarisu!!!!!!!

This song has been playing in my playlist of late. Doesn't relate to anything in particular, i just like it a lot and started listening to it again.


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Friday 4 September 2009
♥; 904
11 days without seeing koibito, i finally get to see him tonight! (Sunday for half an hour doesn't count =3=)

I got souveneirssss. Yay. So surprised...
Ok, i actually got him a very specific list of what to buy and he screwed it up lolss.

I wanted some tops from Dorothy Perkins which i lovelovelove and can't get enough of but the designs i wanted are all sold out!

This one i didnt expect. (another) perfume :)

Escada Sunset Heat

I would go for Moschino I lovelove or Dior Addict Shine (<3<3<3) but i told him Dior HIGH SHINE instead hahaha wtf!!! Like that also can mess up T T

Anyways, Sunset Heat has top notes of a cocktail of lemon, papaya with pineapple mousse, mango sorbet and refreshing water melon accords and base notes of sandalwood, coconut and hibiscus. The dominant scent that lingers on is Mangoooo:) Although i don't like mango as a fruit or drink. Yechh. I love its tangy aroma! I got to eat Mango pudding with evaporated milk at Fo Tang today and it's soo good. Ok, digressing

I usually go for sweet and powdery perfumes with a not too overwhelming frutiy scent and this is just the thing:)

The only downer is that the fragance doesn't last, not at all :/ I put some on 2 hours ago and now, there's just a bare hint of scent left, barely.

Wiell, at least today is better than yesterday, which sucked :(
I think i should venture off and search for the purpose of my life T T

Definitely not this

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I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com