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Monday, 28 June 2010
♥; How i lost weight

I've thought of writing a post about this but changed my mind because I thought it might sound a tad arrogant, especially if the results were just minimal.

But come to think of it, it is tokidokiwonder.blogspot.com and not comejudgeme.com , so here , :>

When I was at my heaviest, I was ....... very fat. Being fat.... really dampens your self-image, especially when almost all your girlfriends are not fat/slim. HOWEVER, that didn't motivate me not to pig out and eat unhealthily. Seriously, at one point I thought i'd never lose weight again because I just wasn't motivated enough. I see girls around me (then) ever so conscious about their weight even though i thought they looked fine and they can go about not eating meals and in the end getting stomach cramps or whatever you call it. Geeeez.

So anyway, I've been getting a LOT of people coming to me and saying "You're SO THIN!"
Well, first off. thank you :p, really:)
Second off, no thank you :(

The Thank You's are for the people who are actually happy for me. They needn't be, but at least their comments won't make me feel bad.

The NO thank yous are for people (those that actually know me a tad better) who think I am actually on a diet. Or those go about saying (why) YOU'RE SO THIN (minus the congratulatory tone), and those who think I should stop exercising/eating so little/whatever.

First off, I don't think some people can relate to me. Not when their heaviest weight was.... okay let's not go there. One thing that i really must bring forth is, I'm really happy I met koibito.
You wanna know the real answer? The REAL answer is. i've actually been (gradually) shedding weight since July of 2009. I realised that when I was tryin on an old pair of shorts ( my sister's) that i could NEVER fit in, and....... it did fit! :')

The answer isn't that I diet or any of that shit, it's just that i gradually changed my lifestyle! I moved to my cousin's place in August of 2009 as my house was being reconstructed, and I'm proud to say that since I've been here, I've only cooked mee goreng in the midst of the night less than 5 times! lolololol

And I'm also proud to say since February this year, sometimes i go jogging with Koibito. This is a hugeeee leap for me, considering I NEVER jogged. Although we only go once a week, or maybe a fortnight :( but hey, at least I try.
If it was the old me, I can't even last 3 minutes on the threadmill. Now, i can go for 25 minutes (on a good stamina day) :')

And sometimes when i want to pig out unnecessarily, Koibito gently reminds me, and though i don't succumb to this advice all the time, I listen around half the time. And my whole point is the Graduality of the little changes you make OVER TIME!

I think the person who truly understands my diet (or the lack of it) besides Koibito is Mam. I almost always eat with her in uni and do I ever eat like a sissy diet girl? NO!
I get ......... when those, especially my close ones think that I do. I mean, do you know how many YEARS I have never worn a short skirt or pants to outings just because my legs are TOO fat? Do you know how it feels when you can't really find clothes during Chinese New Year and have to resort to clothes that you didn't really like but they fit better than those that were on the mannequin? *sob
Sometimes, i think people should start being more empathetic.:<

And just like I said, it was a gradual loss (over 11 months!!!!!111). It's just that no one really paid attention. I didn't just wake up one day and lost 4.5 Kilos. And YES, it's ONLY that much.

See, i knew this post would sound weird.:/
I've been in my worst state, that's why I never ever want my friends to be where I was.
That's why you never see me encouraging someone to eat when i know they've already eaten or it's near bedtime.

Like I said, I only listen half the time to koibito, but does that stop him from advising me?
A lifestyle, is a very elusive thing to grasp. You don't just understand your body overnight.
It takes time, and gradualness. That's why you don't see me looking fab like Megan Fox or whatever. And my legs are still pudgy, just that they AREN'T AS pudgy. And I'm happy.

Okay, coming to the end of post, I really hope people could understand ~~

P/S: This is totally irrelevant but i just saw this quote

"The True Measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good."

Bi, you pass you flying colours!!!! :">


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