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Tuesday, 13 October 2009
♥; Right.....
I'm in one of the uni classrooms now dreading to walk back to the hostel cuz i have a bag full of files and library books.. a laptop.. And wearing 4 inch heels and a baju skirt that likes to wave hi when the wind blows. Look at my conjunctions and you'll know the performance of my brain right now wtf.

Anyway, my new(old) watch broke!! One tiny tiny nut came off and i have been so careful with it too. FML. Now i don't know whether to get it fixed at the local watchmaker (?) or at the Gucci store.

I hope these 2 weeks will pass reallly quickly.. so i can get my assignments over and done with. On the other hand i hope it won't cuz i won't have enough time to look for sources huhuhu. Why do you call something a group work when you have to do most of the things yourself? Don't wanna venture into that too much but yeah. There's two scenarios here,
1) People who are so inactive you have to practically do their work for them
2) People who like to DIRECT but never get to anything but likes to bathe in the limelight.

I don't get it. Why do some people CRAVE for so much attention. I mean, certain attention in a while is a good ego-boost, which is a great pick me up. But i've seen people DROWN in this drug-like effect and crave for more and more and ironically enough, most pick up another stupid element, which is hypocrisy. I'm no saint, but lemmejust say, I am DISGUSTED by this behaviour.

Serzly, go fuck yourselfs


13:13 Shimmerloved

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