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Thursday, 20 August 2009
♥; Woootsss!
WALAOOOOO. Internet deprived taooooooooooooooo... mother also don't recognise ah.

Yay i have wifi here in the "interim" house, aka cuzzy's place. Guess who taught me that word. hahahah. who know who you are. bluek.

It's been a hectic but Fun week
On Monday, went to Hashimoto san, Japanese ambassador to Brunei's farewell in the Senate room for awhile then stealthily departed to mam's car. Cuz i forgot to bring my toothbrush, facial cleanser, shampoo, and conditioner up and i had to buy a whole new set. I lost count of the times i forgot to bring something when i pack up ;_;. (Update: when i reached to ground floor, the guard on duty gave me a humble smile and greeted me "Good morning".it was 7pm. hahahahahhaa)

Speaking of the things i forgot.......... LOL. Please bear with me, it's my blog anyway.
I forgot to wear a BRA to class. ()*#@$(#$*(#$*&#. LMAO.
I was wearing this woolly kinda top so the material was quite thick, and i didn't know what'd gotten into me that i didn't think of wearing a bra. So, i just went up to bandar like that. Usually when i arrive, i leave my luggage in the car and bring my facial stuff up to my room, and quickly go for class.

That was what happened on monday too, the luggage was in my friend's car, and i was stuck without a bra. T T
In dire times of need, a girl has to Improvise... lol
I'm not gonna go into details on how i did it here because it'll sound so weird but basically, i went through a WHOLE day WITHOUT wearing a bra in uni. lololol. Sandy said if she goes out without a bra, her boobs would be at her stomach already wtf.

Ok enough of dim-witted stuff. On Tuesday, i was stressed to the core. Mainly because of the unimaginable amount of assignments i was presented with. FUCK LE 321*
Went gym in the evening. I didn't apply for the monthly membership because i'd mostly be in KB. Thinking that $8 was gonna allow me access to use the machines, go for aerobics class, and also the sauna... was sooo wrong. T T

If you do not have membership, you would have to pay $8 for using the gym, $6 for aerobics class, and another $6/$8 i forgot for using the pool/sauna. And the membership for students is only $45 per month! FTS

The aerobics class only starts at 6pm and i arrived at 5 and i didnt wanna waste my money for one bloody session so i waited on the couch for an hr. LOL. Thank god for companions.
Ok.. so this is dim-witted stuff anyway.. ;_;

On WEDnesday, i went for the BJFA orientation and had lotsa lotsa fun! We player kid games but well, one needs to be a kid once in a while:) When you lose a game, they draw lines or funny scribbles on your face using washable crayons. When i arrived back at the dorm, a girl was giving me The look when i walked passed her door.
Nabeh.. just finished shower still got eyeliner on u think you very pretty ah?
When i got back to my room then i realised i've got a green streak on me face which looked like those streaks which u accidentally mark to your face when you have your pen in your hand.


Ok, i guess this whole post Is about dim-witted stuff. My life revolves around them. Bye

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