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Saturday, 8 August 2009
♥; Oh no bitch alert
It's a saturday!! and guess what. I'm FREE on saturdays. FInally, after 4 semesters of envying people who had a day off of school and had lots of free intervals in between, I get one too! hahaha!
That also means i have to do more chores at home. ;_;

Anyway, yesterday me and brabra went to the gym at 4. Halfway through our sweating session, a RTB crew of 3 people came. We didnt give two hoots to them as they were prolly doing an advertorial or some shit. But after they took some shots.. they began to shoot at the people. A full Back Coverage of Brabra yo!!! HAhahahahaha.

When we went upstairs for the aerobics session and they were there too!! The stupid cameraman took a whole 2 mins of me face and then me legs too! FTS!!! When he left he told me, "Thank you ya"
Ofcourse i know when it'll be aired but i don't have RTB (i think) so yea.

Ok swift jump to another topic.

Lately i've been thinking about social etiquettes. Ofcourse All of us know about the basic ones. But sometimes don't you just feel like slapping someone in the face because what they said were kinda egotistical.. unnerving... offensive.. but they don't even realise it themselves. :/

You know when you're talking to a person on a certain area that you know you fare out much better in, and don't wanna seem like a know-it-all so you just cut down on your say of the ideology or technical terms and stuff.... Well, I'M that kind of person.

Social etiquette #284, there's no need for elaborate detailing/ bragging about VAGUE prospectives or things that you DON't have, same goes for things that you have wtf.

I've been trying really nicely to seem unbothered, but pls, have SOME modesty!!
Sometimes people try to showoff what they supposedly know but give the wrong detailings/pronunciation/wtv
So much as i would want to correct them, sometimes i just keep quiet, or try to act excited too wtf.
Well, even if it's on an area that you know more about than I do, so what?

*Social etiquette #73, when talking to a person, please take in their body actions too rather than bragging your head off.

Although i admit i like to yakity yak yak to my girlfriends a lot, well, that's because they're my girlfriends and we like yakiting :)

Other than that, i do think i'm pretty well-kept, even to them.

People, have some humility. Amen

That's all


12:34 Shimmerloved

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