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Tuesday, 2 December 2008
♥; Slack
s l a c k = bury your own grave

what has been going on with me?

i don't wanna be a bimbo..
i have a feeling the cikgu and some of my tuition mates have a false impression that i Really am one. lol. The teacher's take? Beauty without Brains.
Quite flattered with the beauty part, but plEasE.....i have my grey matter working bloody as good as anyone else, if not better! but i do admit..i've been slacking.. and im assuming excess slacking over a messed up period of time do take a toll on the proficiency of your brain activity.
As slacky as i am nowadays, competiveness and getting pissed never fails to get me motivated (tho inconsistency does -.-) . T'hat's why next sem I resolutely vow to get at least one "A".. just like i did last semester. I know i bloody wont be able to this semester.. in fact..i'm worried i might even fail one..that's how bad i did; with 2 unhanded asignments, and only barely managing to answer 3 essays out of 4 (gasp).. i'll be the happiest person alive if i manage to pass! (i pray with my most humble and earnest heart)

i feel so sorry to both my lecturers..why didnt i just do the bloody work? Told Gary bout some of my problems.. and he was very understanding.. i Feel so GUILTY!
y'know, one of the reasons for procrastination, especially for me, is the too high an expectation.
My lousy take: i DON'T want lousy marks, and i suppose I'm busy and stressed enough with other things, so i'd rather not do it.

just kill me


03:15 Shimmerloved

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