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Tuesday 23 December 2014
♥; SSEAYP Sick

How did 52 days pass by so quickly?

I remember back during PDT days.... days passed like weeks for me. 
3 months of pdt felt like 3 years. 
Looking back at some of my dayre posts I recall how I was at one of my lowest points of my life, lol.

It was a time where I had to balance work and trainings.

Had to wear a headscarf everyday. 
I am open to new cultures but you CANNOT force "culture" into a person's life.

Had to travel to and fro my hometown and the training center...1.5 hours apart... close to 12a.m...

Missed important social events with friends and family

Stressed over discussion program trainings

In search of my calling after I left my company

Anyway... that is all in the past now.

Whatever doubts and fears I had about SSEAYP have been washed away into the deep blue ocean (ironically where my heart is)

The first few days of the program was unamusing for me to say the least. I was secretly counting the days when I could get back to Brunei.

However, as time passed, I slowly understood what ex PYs meant by the term "SSEAYP sick". 
Heck, I even experienced SSEAYP sick before the program had even ended. 
I did not want to leave the ship, leave the special people behind. 
I had officially been infected.

This would be a post for another day as I am merely blogging from my phone as I reminisce the SSEAYP moments.

The bottom line is.. SSEAYP is not what I had expected.
It is truly a magical journey for me. Mind the is and not was.

Being able to experience this magical journey is worth every ounce of the pain I had to go through.

I will never forget how immaculate and meticulous the Japanese are
How kind and caring they treated everyone
I will never forget my virgin homestay experiences
How welcoming and accomodating the foster families were
I will never forget the discussion programs
Where we discussed real world issues in such a fun manner
I will never forget the hustle and bustle  of SSEAYP life
Where we were swarmed with activities throughout the day
I will never forget the special moments spent with special people...
Moments that will remain in the deep blue ocean through time and infinity ~

Once a PY, forever a PY :') 

41st SSEAYP 


03:44 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com