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Wednesday 5 September 2012
Birthday wishlist 2012/ Shit I need to buy

1. Piano Black - Early Birthday present for myself :*

2. Cute polaroid films


3. Geo Nudy Brown 250 or 275 - I miss these lenses!

4.A new laptop. After a trusty 5 years of service, my lappie's battery decided that it was time to retire.


5. Pretty Flats!!! I can't find any wtf. Or maybe because I've been couped up too long in a  little hamlet called Tutong, haven't had the chance to embrace the therapeutic effect of a mall

Looks good for work!

Omg I love these. Sucker for bling/ round toe/ metallic flats. This is all in one!

Sweet and dainty (opposite of me lol)

6. Vitamin B12 creme - Been wanting to try this product out!!

7. ToyWatch / Black Marc Jacobs watch with Black Dial (Me no likey white dial)

8. Waistbelt! I just found out (ok long time ago justtoo lazy to do  anything about it) how a complementary piece of belt can complete your outfit. Looking for a gold / brown belt



9. 1/5 Inch or 2 inch Curling Iron. Love big big curls!

Will be heading to Perth and Melbourne end of this month! Yay :) Finally time to relax :>

20:38 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com