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Saturday 15 January 2011
♥; University

Two days ago, i sat for my very last paper of my graduate degree. It was a supplementary paper for my absent sitting.

When the clock hit 4. I heaved a sigh of relief, as if a great burdened has been lifted off my shoulders. Seriously, being the worry-all I am, I couldn't really enjoy the holidays as much as I'd like to thinking about one stupid exam I still had to sit. And i couldn't care less to study during the holidays hahaha.

Let's hope I fare out okay.

So, as i walked out of the hall to make my way back to the hostel.... across the familiar lawn... campus.. different faculties... carpark... little roads..........i suddenly felt heavy-hearted..

I'm gonna miss walking from the hostel to the classrooms.. the library.. the hall...
When I first arrived at the University in 2007.. i literally thought walking from the hostel to class would kill me. Now, I actually enjoy walking. Only a snob would complain the distance!!

I miss going out for lunch and dinner with mam, SHOPPING, hanging out, going to random functions in bandar.

I miss having steamboat sessions in Sandy's aircon room with Syl and Mam.

I miss the old days back in '07 when Chien and Ling was still around and we would play cooking mama together with Ting and Manda.

I miss having quirky lecturers, helpful lecturers, and... Alistair.

I miss attending classes where there were more than 100 students because I know i'll do well. haha.

I miss  Japanese related activities

I miss going to the canteen to tapau food then going back to my room and eat while watching series. Bliss.

I miss studying for exams in the ground floor common room. And the next day, walk to the exam hall to get a morning exercise. Breath of fresh air ~

I miss the $1 most delicious nasi lemak at the tuckshop

the loud teslites!

our last of doing our first ever real field research in Semester 4! got an A!

the 07 batch's English Drama. felt so proud of them!

At the cafeteria.

Shiew Ping. A mature student who was my classmate for one year. And my role model.

KL sessions.. fried and bbq chicken wings, three layered pork, bbq lamb...  T T

Girls like these 

chill sessions with mam

Did I mention i like to camwhore? In my hostel room. This is the lost flower clip that koibito gave me:(

In my room again wtf

 In the library lol. I miss this hair!! Why so thick last time! Latter half of '09

At the ground floor common room. A bit kooky studying for exams.

Japanese activities.....

Summer Yukata

At the Japanese Ambassador's house

 Cute Japanese guy


 Our Japanese tea booth

DELAL. The one on the far right is Gary. I owe him so much :')


I'll miss uni life!!!


04:49 Shimmerloved

Monday 10 January 2011
♥; New Baby

I commit the sinnest of the sin.

I don't own a basic black bag! *duudeeduu.....

Ventured for one...

Ended up with............

A metallic bag! LOL. Far from black

 The size is too small for my liking! I'm sucha klutz. Gonna return it. It's a keeper if it wasn't for the size, looks so auntie! (should i keep it. zzz)

On another note. i got an A for the research that has condemned my spirits for the entire semester!!!

01:24 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com