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Monday 5 July 2010
♥; Hello from space.

Apparently my E72 is not canggih enough. 
Maybe I've been treating it too shabbily, depriving it of the screen protector and the leather casing, but I'm just too darn lazy!  : ( Anyway, sometimes when there are no WLAN available, I also can't seem to go online via DST Internet! BECAUSE THERE IS NO SUCH OPTION to choose from. Whyyyy. I even set DST as priority and it still tries to connect using my home WLAN. I'M NOT HOME OKAY! LOLOLOL. Or maybe I'm not canggih-savvy enough. Tried blogging through the phone but it automatically disconnects once this page appears T-T

Oh well.
I went shopping yesterday for sandals because sadly, my last one broke.  I was deciding between Charles and Keith (newly renovated) or Vincci. Decided on the latter.


So many pweeetty shoesss!!!! Mind you, I haven't stepped into a Bruneian shoe store ever since I discovered the shopping in Singapore and K.L LOL but wowww. I decided to purchase a pair of gold sandals embellished with green gem-stones. I guess nobody would wanna buy that cuz they may think they they démodé but it was 50% off!!
Sadly, it doesn't come in my size. T T.

I saw other pretty sandals.The one i liked (but didn't get) looks very similar to this, What do you think? Should i get it? It was around $45 but seriously, who pays $45 for a pair of sandals??? Maybe you do, but not me, heels yes, sandals....NO.
But it's so nice...

The farther i walked into the store the prettier and higher the shoes were! All those displayed at the front of the store were those ugly kitten-heels with diamantes and little bows. Koibito's taste wtf! Haha
And the best part was, all of them fit!!! *cries.  DISPLAY SHOES NEVER FIT ME!! *joyy

So anyway the point of this post is that i totally sidetracked and bought the nicest mustard brown suede and cork wedges and it was the last pair! Muahahahah!


19:06 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com