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Friday 30 April 2010
♥; New baby for him

I'm shocked ( and secretly gleeful) that koibito is as much a shopping whore as I am.
Albeit a very well-researched one :S

The other day we had a big fight, and he got all emo (lol) and did the unthinkable


uh oh

I feel bad but equally glad that i had an impact on him, but damn, one thing will lead to another; you have a console, then you need to buy a TV. Not just ANY tv. This guy is anal about quality and whatnots :S

I know he would go crazy with a Full HD, motionflow, 200 hz TV (see, he's been brainwashing me that much that i even know these stuff T3T), but i've been acting like an Anti-salesman trying to make him think otherwise.

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Wednesday 28 April 2010
♥; Dangerous men

Have you ever wondered how you'd react to a potential harassment?
When i was younger, I used to think, if someone were to rape me (knock wood), i'd not struggle and stay calm (that might spare me pain) and that'll hopefully please the guy that he got it that easy then HAIIIYAKKKK, i'd kick his nuts and run away!

Ok, that was years ago, and rapers have a grave state of mind anyway (generalising wtf), ofcourse they wouldn't be pleased. Hell, they might even torment me more! (This is only my generalisation. Rapers if you see this please do not target me next time to prove me wrong)

Anyway, the whole point of me saying this is, I'd always Thought i'd remain steady if i were faced with these kinds of situations. There was once when we just entered Uni and the few of us girls decided to check into this dodgy hotel because we didn't wanna stay in the hostel. I remember talking on the phone with my isteri on the hallway and not long after i came in, there was a Bunch of men knocking on the door and asking to let them in! (They must've thought we were Ahems)

Come to think of it, it's quite scary but i don't know why i was so indifferent at that time while all my girlfriends were freaked out. What i reckoned then was, there're so many of us, so why worry?

Well fast forward, i don't know where all this supposedly courageous thinking went, because just yesterday i was stalked in Uni ( a highly restrictive environment) and i Freaked out!

Ok, not literally, but it was disturbing.

Right. This has to start somewhere.

Around a month ago, me and my classmate were in this empty classroom. Then, this guy (Middle East look) at the hallway came in, supposedly looking for the Arab language department. Once we told him where it was, he sat Right down and came up with these LAME pickup lines (i didn't realise they were pickup lines then fml) like "So are you girls sisters", "You two look so alike, "What course are you taking", and the list goes onnnnnn....

So he introduced himself as SPANISH+ ARABIAN (cues *wuuuuuu, over my dead body). And so he's taking Arabian and i forgot what course. Initially i thought he was quite nice but after a few minutes he used up all my provision for niceness because no guy just COME up randomly to girls and talk for more than 5 minutes because DUH IT'S OBVIOUSLY A HIT ONNNNNN (generalising again but whatever)

He started with the both of us, but obviously he was interested in my friend. I became amused (and ofcourse annoyed) when he started SLATHERING it on. I forgot the exact words he used but I swear to god it was a lame lame lame and sleazy pick up line. The worst thing was, she damn layan also!!! 我的天啊。你有个未婚夫好吗?Thankfully my friend came in at the right time and we had an excuse to leave for class. Before we left, i heard him asking for her n.o and he got it! 你拿的也太容易了吧小弟


Fast forward to Yesterday! (sorry about my timeline),It was revision week and there weren't much people about. I was walking alone.. and i don't know why i had a feeling to turn around, and guess who i saw? YES mr.Dickface himself! Ofcourse i pretended i didnt see him and continued walking.

And he goes," HEyyyy!"

and i continue walking

and he goes, "Heyyyyyy!!!" again.


He appeared beside me and i mustered a polite "Yeah?"

"Do you speak Chinese?"

FUCK THIS GUY'S LIFE. He doesn't even recognise me! I think he's just this lame poser who goes about uni trying to get lucky.

So i answered a reluctant Yehh, and he went on his usuals, Oh how do you say Good Morning in Chinese. I want to take Chinese you see (CHINESE!! WHAT HAPPENED TO ARABIAN?!!!11) What course do you take (HELLO YOU ASKED ME THAT JUST A MONTH AGO!) blah blah blah

I was planning to head to the library, but since dickface was trying to strike up a conversation with me, i'd be stuck with this sleazebag if i went. Hence i just continued with my stride, walking along the pathway.

While he was talking, i called up my friend and excused myself from him. Wtf i told him i had class and he still followed. I slowed down my pace cuz i thought he might get embarrassed that he kept following me, but no! he still walked a few feet in front of me.

Acting oh so casual on the phone (while actually panicking), I blindly walked into my faculty and into a corner. Just as i thought the coast was clear, i looked up and Dickface appeared (he followed me suit!), and asked for my Facebook! 我的天呀! I told him i didn't have facebook, and he was like. Aawww. jessst bee fRrriends? (that annoying accent). Then he kept asking for my email address. Just to let him feel accomplished, i jotted down a fake email address and i was so nervous i even gave my own pencil back to him! Ewww, good thing i took it back, god knows what he'd do with it.

And so he left, and i duck into a classroom where two girls were chatting. At least i felt safer there with company. ANY company except dickface. Really.

But the two girls left soon afterward so I mustered some courage and went out to check if the coast was clear. NEgative!! Apparently he was roaming around the faculty lik W.T.F. I had to hide for a whole 5 minute before i finally just decided to just cbf and walk to the library and if he came back again i'd just bark at him like how i bark at koibito when he does something wrong, surely he'd whimper off!

The more i type the more outraged i feel. Seriously, that guy should be BANNED from UBD. Suppose some innocent girl who feels oh so flattered by him, or out of politeness gives him her number or even agrees to go out with him. GOD KNOWS what he might do!
I'm angry at myself that i panicked and got all sissy. Man, imagine if i was with Kak. I'd have to say a very sorry to him cuz he ain't gonna have no balls left. LOL

So girls, BEWARE!!! Good thing i managed to get a picture. So Look out for him! .V.


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Monday 26 April 2010
♥; Aku Anak Brunei

On April 24th, 2010, I officially became a part of Brunei Darussalam :)

Met some of my tuition mates. We look so happy here :) That's cuz we all waited THAT long for this, and we worked THAT hard for it, and here we are, on this very special day:)

I love Brunei:)

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Friday 16 April 2010
♥; I think
Sometimes when i hear Too much

I wish i could just go

and make them shut up for once

But sometimes, i wish i could take these

and open up the locks to their hearts

I wish i could just runaway

and enjoy some pina coladas

But either way i have us

and we'll hopefully be always chummy like that :)

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Monday 12 April 2010
♥; A Saturday Date

Oh i miss blogging!

These were taken on 410. When i went for the Taklimat prior to getting my citizenship. Hurray:)
Koibito went all the way up to bsb to pick me and i had a nice time shopping. It's nice buying things for yourself but it's even nicer when you buy for others you care for. Someone's gonna be getting a gift from me!:)
After that we went to watch How to train your dragon. It was reallly good:)
After the movie, we weren't hungry (prolly cuz i bought too much snacks D:), but he insisted on trying a new place, so we went to Vintage Rose.

Qlap mall

Hm. it's just OK i guess. tad overpriced for just baked potatoes, mediocre servings of cheese, pineapple and shredded chicken.

but this was good! creamy seafood spinach pasta

the mixer thing:)

and we head home to sleep:)

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♥; Back :)

I've been lost haven't I? The past few weeks had been Crazyyy. I was faced with SO much assignments i felt i was gonna have a break down. And i almost did. But it's okay, although my social life may be diminishing, at least i think i did well :)

I changed my blog's name to tokidokiwonder.blogspot.com.

Tokidoki stands for "sometimes" in Nihongo.
This word practically sums up all of me :)
Tokidoki is also a brand i love SO much, especially the wonderful Tokidoki girls.

Imma leave this on for a week, then change it permanently to tokidokiwonder :)

Please do not link me. I'm not quite comfortable with the thought of 3rd party persons reading my nonsense:) But i don't mind complete strangers though. Weird i know

I saw this somewhere

Watch your thoughts, they become words.
Watch your words, they become actions.
Watch your actions, they become habits.
Watch your habit, they become your character.
Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.

Whatever you do, sums up who you are, period. I always try to keep things like these in mind, but my memory fails me. lol. Sometimes i feel that i can't dictate something without having to refer to some sort of reminder. But come to think of it, these only happen for certain stuff, like, certain academics for one. For others, it's a whole different story. Does that mean i lack passion for those things and therefore SHOULDN'T even be going down that path?!!!

Oh well, whatever i'm doing now, i sure learned so much from it. :) We Have to try everything once in our lives don't we? :)
My destiny awaits me. Or is it up for me to change it?

hello australia with mom and steve?
hello australia with xxx?
brunei with all my friends and family and love?

oh i really don't know :X

Whatever it is, i should learn to take whatever fate with strength, and try to mould it into what serves me best.

I want to grace my own destiny.

or maybe just go looney in a fantasy land


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I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com