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Sunday 14 March 2010
♥; Unlucky days
WHY the sudden bad luck??? :(

I ordered a pair of contacts from a friend and waited (im)patiently for it for 3 weeks, with my old one playing tricks on my eyesight every now and then. And YAY, the day comes. I go and collect it. I come home, and i LOSE IT!!!

Have searched for it in all the ungodly places and no, i CAN'T find it! Impossible, but yes, i actually lost it the moment i got home, with the time span between receiving it and reaching home, say 15 minutes. OTL

Went for pedi and mani, and as usual, by night time, which is now, one of em miraculously chips. And the hardest work my fingers have done the whole day was to type frevently on the keyboard. With a deep sigh, i lug myself upstairs towards my luggage bag where all my cosmetics are to get a coat of clear polish on it, and........ to yet another horror, see my New Estee Lauder serum lying half dead inside. Apparently i forgot to close the cap this afternoon and here it is, puking fabulous poison and ofcourse, my $$$$ :'(

So cruellll :(:(:(:(
I am broke :(:(:(
I have not finished my assignments :(:(:(

*Pulls on headband across forehead. FIGHTING FIGHTING!!

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Friday 12 March 2010
♥; Hmmm + clubbing pictures

I've been reflecting on this a lot... No/little social life and a dedication towards a full fledged career, or Good/Average social life and a mediocre career?
Of course, i know there are a WHOLE lot of other options available, but i'm just categorizing things into extremes for the moment =).
Went for this talk by this MOE English guy today. And he, as with all the other lecturers, further clarified a theory i made up.

I'm wondering where all this doubt is coming from. Guess it's something intrinsic that's lacking. Hmm.
As i further procrastinate my assignments and decide on whether to join my friends for yet another fun activity that shall further delay my progress and make me totally regret everything and curse myself for being so indecisive; pictures from 7/3/2010 :D

mah fine fine lehdies

they spell as bad as me

some of the gang



with the birthday boy!


no comment

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Friday 5 March 2010
♥; When the moon falls in your eyes

Been on repeat of late
I wish i could read tabs so i could play and sing at the same time. Blame it on laziness OTL
I love my friends who're always here for me, as opposed to th... okay let's not go there.
I love my Best Fwens :)

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Monday 1 March 2010
♥; Happy Birthday

To the boy who is always happy go lucky

To the boy who always make me mad

To the boy whom i can discuss intellectual things with

To the boy who doesn't judge me

To the boy who thinks he is still 21

To the boy who just refuses to do his hair

To the boy who always gives me sound advice

To the boy who is sometimes clueless max

To the same boy who isn't that clueless after all

To the boy who plants me with kisses

To the boy i love so much

Happy Birthday

Woke up real early to make the cake and this. Herbal Chicken Soup. Spent the morning whipping flour, sweating, and playin with cute lil coussie.

i look so thin here wtf

I will be backhh

I hate traffic jams. Missed the Percy Jackson movie. Bought the Benjamin Button DVD instead :)

the setting sun

Very reluctantly, but for his sake, to Tandoor.com. I take back what i've said about Indian cuisine (from my experience at Le Taj). I LOVE this shit

Vegetable Briyanni, an eggplant dish, and a lamb dish. Very nice:)

My watermelon juice and his yummi Lassi

The chicken that they apparently forgot to make



Does the shape of the box look that obvious ....

.... that he knows it's a cooler box from a glance

Vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese topping. Sorry i took a bite *snicker

Breakfast buffet spread :D

Sunny side up is the way to go

I lurve porridge and cereals <3

A year ago....

At Senja. Him and his surprise Baked Cheese Cake :D

And no. I did not put that hideous smiley face there. I told the waitress to put the candles in a shape of a smiley face and she did this instead lmao. And she put him as 23 years old instead of 25 and when i wanted to add more candles he was like " NOoo, let it beee" wtf such denial

The leetle card i made in a hurry

New Seiko watch :D

Many happy returns!


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I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com