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Sunday 8 February 2009
♥; 090209
As im writing this, in around half an hour's time, it would be our 2nd month into the relationship.
Had a row with him last friday (Jan 30), okay, it's more like a one sided thing. as always me... and it ended up with: him being MIA for the first time, and him finally saying the three words that i have been waiting and waiting for.. though i doubt the level of sincerity, as we're still in the process of getting to know each other better. Anyhow, Im still happy to hear it.

It's getting better, i finally told him THe main worry, after always beating round the bush. But i don't know if he knows how significant it is, or that Im just in my usual demeanour. I wish wish wish, that problem will go away. Sadly, it's all up to him.



23:31 Shimmerloved

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