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Saturday 3 January 2009
♥; So far
so good?

Can't reckon nething yet. Just that. my feelings towards him have definitely increased. aww. Maybe its because i get to see a deeper side of him, and he's opened up to me more.
Can't say the same thing about yours truly here, the amount of feelings that i show out is still restrained. To shield the aura of mystery, and hence, attraction? lmao.

Idk..i'm just worried that the more feelings i convey to him, the more he would take me for granted. Is that too immature?

But it's a sad thing that I still can't manage my anger. Maybe I have too high an expectation of him, and when he doesnt meet up to my standards, i get reallly fucked up. It's all me most of the time really, i don't see Him getting pissed. In fact, he's been taking my princessyness really nicely. Aww.. That's cuz he's at peace with everything.. but it could also mean he doesnt put too much effort in this relationship? :S

So far.... confusing.


01:43 Shimmerloved

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