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Thursday, 24 March 2011
♥; It's been a long time
Hola muchachas.

I feel kind of ashamed that i haven't been documenting my memories in my lil handy book (which i seem to have misplaced), yet again here. *ASHAMED*

Life seems moderately okay at the moment. Things with koibito took a dramatic downhill a few weeks ago, but it all happened for the better and we appreciate each other more now :) hehe

After weeks and weeks of anticipation, finally I got to know my supplementary result. I'm happy with it.

I kind of feel bad about something. I turned down an invitation to my great grand mother's birthday celebration in Kuching because I still had to do my teaching practice and can't afford to take any leaves. Koibito says I shouldn't risk my academics or my career for this. I guess he's right. I've never met my great grandmother. In fact, I've never met my grandparents from my mother's side till I was... 17? On the other hand, I've NEVER met my great grandmother.... how many years does she still have.. and she's never met her own great granddaughter : (

One thing that really touched my heart was how my uncle and his wife came all the way from Kuching to visit us. I was 17 then and it felt weird at first because I've never met these people in my life. and you're telling me we're related?
 Haha. They were really nice to us and me and my sister even went to Kuching to visit them, where they provided us with their Utmost hospitality. <3

We still keep in touch now, although I admit i do get lazy sometimes. Sometimes it really gets me thinking, is all that I'm doing, or Not doing in this case... Wrong?

Certain friends get upset with me because I supposedly don't keep in touch that often.
This  makes me really sad. It makes me wonder, Have we changed? Is it me, or you?
And it also makes me wonder, why am I the one getting blamed? Why isn't it a double edged sword ( wrong idiom i know) instead of one poking straight to me?

However, I also realize that there will never be concurrence in this subject area. As a 23 year old young adult, any close childhood friend would've gone through with me the happy and ugly, thick and thin together. Therefore, I take this as a reminder to put forth more initiatives. *headband on*

I'm not a pessimistic person as an entirety, but I think i stray far from being optimistic either. That's why I find it a necessity to engulf myself with positive people. They make me laugh and smile :) 

These are some of my favourite people. I can truly feel their sincerity and I know that they'll Always have my back :)

                                                               this little girl with a BIG heart

                                                                she is like a big sister to me.

And to all other girlfriends out there. Thank you for being such awesome people too. I know we don't always agree on the same things, but yal are irreplaceable :)

10:59 Shimmerloved

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