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Friday, 3 September 2010
♥; Water sleeping pack ex
Laneige is having their annual sales and i took the chance to get my hands on the Water Sleeping Pack EX. I loveddd the previous Water Sleeping Pack Plus. I know i love it for all the wrong reasons but it gave my face such a nice glow (which some people may dub too sticky or has too much of a sheen etc etc). 
Anyway, i was in a rush so I only had the time to pop in,test,grab and go but to my dismay,

The formula was totally absorbed into my skin and left no trace of a sheen/ glowy residual finish whatsoever!
Bummers!!! Nevertheless, i still went on and bought it. $43.90 -----> $35.12 for a highly raved product, doesn't seem like a bad deal at all!

I will test it out later and see how it goes.Hope the moisturization part still works :X Fingers crossed crossed crossed. 

Update: I used a rather generous amount of the product, there was a glow, but very minimal. Furthermore, the product claims that the aromatic scent (Sleepscent), containing orange flower, rose, ylang ylang, sandalwood helps relax our mind for a good sleep. Well, to me, the aroma (if any) was bland and minimal. Nothing compared to the old pack. I forgot how it smelled like, kind of crisp but soothing. AWW i miss the old one :(

This is like how i miss the old Wash-Up Gelly foam  (haha yes that's how they spelt "jelly") too (blue bottle). It has a gel texture and cleans my face thoroughly without giving me that taut feeling PLUS it had this wonderful crispy citrus scent. MMmmm.
And as usual lLaneige likes to upgrade their products and they discarded this particular one and the only option closest to it is the Laneige Sensitive Gel cleanser (green bottle). I bought this for koibito and myself, but not really loving it. As it is meant for sensitive skin, foaming and traces of scent are minimal. It also doesn't provide me with that "clean" feeling like the Gelly foam does. A good basic cleanser otherwise.

Well, at  least both the new sleeping pack and the sensitive gel cleanser have fabulous packaging. haha


20:05 Shimmerloved

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