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Tuesday, 21 September 2010
♥; Colour choices

Colours and lighting are such important factors in a home, besides detailing of course.
These days I've been busy running about looking for light fixtures and furniture for my new home.
I've always wanted a modern home but I admit, I didn't contribute to any of the interior ideas till its too late and I REGRET IT!
I would like a home that looks like this

My uncle's area looks like the one above. The lighting i mean. So modern and chic!
Whereas for dad, he chose cornices (even for light fixtures) put all around the house FML!!
Now that i'm (finally) taking charge, I have to go about places to check out lighting that balances out the outmoded design. It can't be too contemporary nor too simple nor too complex. I wouldn't want to have hanging pieces like chandeliers but other designs wouldn't necessary suit the (very) high ceiling. 
So overall I'd have to figure out how to get two ceiling lights that complements a fan Together with the hideous cornices. 

I painted my room a shade of Apple White. The name tells it all, a muted light creamy green. Koibito's room has the exact shade and I've always thought it was white before he told me. Lol. Since my room isn't too big, I didn't dare take the risk to paint two complementary or contrasting colours. I chose the colours for my grandmother's room though. I can't really remember the exact names of the shades but it's a light smokey beige and a creamy barley. So dainty hehe.

The problem with colours is that they look different in different lightings. Like my room, it's perfectly fine if you weren't anal about colours like me. But personally, I would think with the windows closed (and we haven't even put curtains yet), there might be too much of a green tinge then I would like.

My perfect room and house actually, would be one complimented with Neutrals. Fyi, No extra tinge of yellow nor red, neither warm nor cold, just like me. haha. Pastels are great, muted greys are LOVE. And how can i not mention White.

Neutrals, with the correct lighting, imho, gives an illusion of space too. Which is the exact problem i'm facing for my own room. Should i just paint all fours white, and if so, which shade of white, or should i have some complementary colours (like all the other rooms in my house), I'm NOT a risk taker T T

I want my room to be cheery and bright without being overwhelmingly romantic nor kiddy. Omg what am i rambling about. Going crazy ~~ ta. 

Different shades of white, so how do you pick one?

15:07 Shimmerloved

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