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Monday, 16 August 2010

This is no new information but I will AFFIRM you that eating easily digested carbs or  "bad" carbs DEFINITELY make you fat! More precisely, bloat! The effect is more instant than instant indo mee.

For the past month(s) I have been wondering what was up with all the come and go bloatedness I've been experiencing. I could wake up and feel bloated the whole day, primarily on my face and my tummy. Rational guess would be the oily and carb-rich (AND CHEAP hehe) food I was having in the school canteen. Aww i miss the nuggets.

I thought that would be the culprit because ever since I ended my teaching practice all the bloatedness was gone! They would come and go but it wouldn't be as bad as before.
I couldn't pin-point the exact perpetrator because I ate so many kinds of food all the time but NOW I have seen ze light!
I was stressed out seeing the amount of assignments I had so naturally.... I turned to food for comfort LOL. Made myself 2 pieces of white bread with cheese and jam and in less than the time you would have to take to cook indo mee, I am totally swelled up! Ridiculous I know! The last meal I had was almost 5 hours ago so that wouldn't be a factor.

Oh mi god. Why is this happening? Am i turning old?!!! Does that mean i should stop taking bread and pasta and cheese and rice and all the food I ALWAYS eat anymore? eeeep! :(

00:35 Shimmerloved

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