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Saturday, 14 August 2010
♥; 10 worthless facts about Me

Our lecturer asked us to come up with a Prezi about ourselves for the first week of lecture. Uh oh.

Below is what i came up with after hours of experimenting and procrastinating. A rather silly one i might say LOL.It looks better on the Prezi site, some of the positioning are off here. BOO! Anyway, here it is :)

This year's August is gonna be bittersweet.
Bitter = Koibito and some close ones are not gonna be around
Sweet =Goodies!

I'd just spent 4 hours deciding on which contacts to get and in the end opted for a blah grey LOL
Too much Libran in me fml
I still love my brown lenses but I've been buying so many consecutive pairs! My decision was challenged with thoughts like stick with what complements you vs go for a change! Experiment! and  Compromise compromise compromise!

LOL now you know how confused I am

Anyways, this is how I look like in my brown lenses. :)

I like the fact that they're natural.looking, the look I always end up going for.
Sadly, my features do not allow me to experiment with different styles of makeup, it tends to lean towards trashy if I'm not careful. > <

Now why did I buy grey lenses again?


06:41 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com