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Wednesday, 9 June 2010
♥; When the moonlight shines upon you

Oh hello

Looks like there's a considerable lack of updates here * shy.

Lol no, there's so much i want to say but sometimes, writing takes a toll on me.
I have to update my other blog as well, a requirement for my teaching practice in school, and well, I got...stuck. I don't know, i just have SO many things to say and they’re all over my head and it's overwhelming and I don't know where to start. If you're aware, all the things I usually write are pretty much incoherent and all over the place *shameful

Therefore, as per now, I will just go along with my thoughts for today :)

Well, today marks the day where me and koibito has been together for one and a half years :)

we love

One thing that struck me most, and which I have only come to the realization like, a few days ago, is that, there is SO much to this man than meets the eye.

People who don’t know him well might see him as this quirky, geeky guy and perceive him as “wood”, to synonymise being “boring”.

When we first started dating, I, being overly ambitious, wanted to know All about him. I was, you could say, daunted by the idea that something bad might happen that would corrupt our relationship, and that would be it. Therefore, when I find out something about him as we go along, I well, get smug.

Nevertheless, when I come to think of it now, this is ridiculous, and very much unfair to him. What I have not realized is I shouldn’t be complacent with the supposed superficial construction I make of him at Any one time because there are always, always, more depth to what you expect, especially if you are the aforementioned *people. Furthermore, there are always ebbs and flows in life, whatever it is now, might be different when time passes.

The core issue I’m raving here is, don’t rush. Okay I’m saying don’t rush but maybe I’m still the impatient kind but still, being with koibito has changed a huge part of my life.

Some people laugh at him for driving slow, I once did too. Even if my spatial capability is zilch, I’m kind of a road rage at heart. So the other day I was driving and he was advising me against the speeding and braking. And I was like yeah yeahh. But what he said next really got into me, by doing this, we’re actually burning excess fuel, and therefore, wasting energy and resources. Think Green anyone? Although it’s not like a hardcore thing, koibito was the one who taught me to be Greener, for instance, by not taking plastic bags when shopping when necessary and NOT littering on the streets or sewers. This is the Least a person can do and you might go CHEHH, but hey, at least we try!

his eyebrow is permanently fixated that way

People can laugh at him but it never affects him and he doesn’t find the need to explain himself. That, in my opinion, is what a REAL man should be. Unlike some people (especially guys), who are So easily annoyed by even the slightest trigger, and never lets you off the hook. Oh Blasphemy! Seriously, grow up!!!

the geek and 小女人 haha

This is off topic, but I need to let this out. Even if I may not look the part (goody girl), this does NOT allow losers to grant any notion of me being LESS capable in my academics and especially my CAREER! I know I shouldn’t be angered by this but obviously SOME people need to get educated!

Just because I love dressing up and going to parties DO NOT make me any less worthy than another individual who does not. And yea, there’s no need for me to explain myself but this is MY blog and I will say as much as I want to!

I take great pride in able to educate young students and being able to work with some of the most dedicated teachers ( that I have met in my school) and I will NOT allow losers who obviously know nothing to corrupt it!

Also, I have seen a lot of people complaining about others and one thing I realize is, they never realize about their OWN flaws. I’m not trying to being hypocritical here because honestly, at least I Know what some of my flaws are. And when I feel crappy, I just recluse. Not a good tactic, but better than showing a sour face to loved ones right? I know i'm not a saint, but the Worst thing EVER imo is to boycott the person you hate publicly. I mean, that is pure MEAN.

I believe Everyone should be more introspective. People are so busing keeping up interpersonal relationships and going out and have fun they never really have time to examine their innermost feelings, and it gets buried deeper and deeper and one day they wake up, they’ve become a completely different person (so as they say, “You’ve changed”) :)

So, the bottom line is, Don’t be afraid to just sit down, relax, and Explore your heart!

All in all, I just want to say a BIG thank you to koibito.

I used to think he didn’t understand me at all. But now, I realize, he reads my thoughts really well, and to think that it all started from guessing what I was thinking when I refused to talk.

Thank you for being the most patient being on earth. lol

Thank you for letting me be me. I once asked him this, Would you accept me this way, having tantrums and all?

He answered smilingly, “It’s not a question of would I or would I not, because I already have.”


Thank you for not giving up on me, when I almost did

the breakfast i made him. oh and i love jollibee:)

Thank you for enlightening me with new facets of viewing things

The Magic Faraway tree outside his house (my favourite children's storybook)

Thank you for being my listening buddy

Thank you for being so kiamsiap so it’s not just a surreal relationship.

There are still a lot left unsaid, tucked in my heart, but the underlying idea is. I love you!


15:09 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com