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Monday, 14 June 2010

This is an awesome makeup base. I've been on a withdrawal from using bb creams (because most of their consistencies are too viscous for my liking and apparently, they seem give this whitish/greyish cast) and liquid foundations (because frankly, i don't bother looking for a foundation because they're too many out there *sad)

SO ANYWAY, i got this as a free sample from a magazine together with the powder foundation *SCORE. ( Flipped a few pages, and i found a Bio-essence bb cream sample! Haha lucky day. Anyway, all i can say is, this makeup base is almost as good as the Anna Sui Clear Foundation primer, which i've never gotten to buy (used my sister's lol) because i just think it's tooexpensive :(
The Anna Sui one has micro shimmers in it and is very light beige in color, and fluid in consistency. It has a nice smell too, may not suit your liking cuz I think I tend to get addicted to weird smells, just like how i got addicted to the odd smell of the Estee Lauder Nutritious Vital Mineral energy lotion. Love that toner!

This one is a tad darker, but still a lovely cream beige that matches my skintone (NC 20??),with no shimmers. Ever so slightly more syrupy than the Anna Sui but still considered fluid. Yay.

Both of these bring a glow to your face and even out skin tone. For good face days, i think i can skip the powder foundation (which i don't apply to my whole face, just the uneven areas) and I'm good to go! (somewhat presentable T3T)

I hope it's not expensive like the Anna Sui one because my wallet is not gonna be happy! Damn those freebies.

17:18 Shimmerloved

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