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Monday, 12 April 2010
♥; A Saturday Date

Oh i miss blogging!

These were taken on 410. When i went for the Taklimat prior to getting my citizenship. Hurray:)
Koibito went all the way up to bsb to pick me and i had a nice time shopping. It's nice buying things for yourself but it's even nicer when you buy for others you care for. Someone's gonna be getting a gift from me!:)
After that we went to watch How to train your dragon. It was reallly good:)
After the movie, we weren't hungry (prolly cuz i bought too much snacks D:), but he insisted on trying a new place, so we went to Vintage Rose.

Qlap mall

Hm. it's just OK i guess. tad overpriced for just baked potatoes, mediocre servings of cheese, pineapple and shredded chicken.

but this was good! creamy seafood spinach pasta

the mixer thing:)

and we head home to sleep:)

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