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Sunday, 14 March 2010
♥; Unlucky days
WHY the sudden bad luck??? :(

I ordered a pair of contacts from a friend and waited (im)patiently for it for 3 weeks, with my old one playing tricks on my eyesight every now and then. And YAY, the day comes. I go and collect it. I come home, and i LOSE IT!!!

Have searched for it in all the ungodly places and no, i CAN'T find it! Impossible, but yes, i actually lost it the moment i got home, with the time span between receiving it and reaching home, say 15 minutes. OTL

Went for pedi and mani, and as usual, by night time, which is now, one of em miraculously chips. And the hardest work my fingers have done the whole day was to type frevently on the keyboard. With a deep sigh, i lug myself upstairs towards my luggage bag where all my cosmetics are to get a coat of clear polish on it, and........ to yet another horror, see my New Estee Lauder serum lying half dead inside. Apparently i forgot to close the cap this afternoon and here it is, puking fabulous poison and ofcourse, my $$$$ :'(

So cruellll :(:(:(:(
I am broke :(:(:(
I have not finished my assignments :(:(:(

*Pulls on headband across forehead. FIGHTING FIGHTING!!

22:55 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com