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Friday, 12 March 2010
♥; Hmmm + clubbing pictures

I've been reflecting on this a lot... No/little social life and a dedication towards a full fledged career, or Good/Average social life and a mediocre career?
Of course, i know there are a WHOLE lot of other options available, but i'm just categorizing things into extremes for the moment =).
Went for this talk by this MOE English guy today. And he, as with all the other lecturers, further clarified a theory i made up.

I'm wondering where all this doubt is coming from. Guess it's something intrinsic that's lacking. Hmm.
As i further procrastinate my assignments and decide on whether to join my friends for yet another fun activity that shall further delay my progress and make me totally regret everything and curse myself for being so indecisive; pictures from 7/3/2010 :D

mah fine fine lehdies

they spell as bad as me

some of the gang



with the birthday boy!


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00:49 Shimmerloved

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