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Saturday, 2 January 2010
♥; You're so 2000 and late
Howdy from 2010!!!

Seems like i haven't been documenting my life very much lately , not to mention the breakdown of my allowance *shameful. I can't bring myself to remember memorable moments with koibito and friends without reading some kind of mention from diaries/ texts or whatever. Stupid short term memory T T and I think i've used around 600 since holidays started and i don't what they were spent on!!!

Anyways, i've been meaning to write this but as usual, procrastinated.

A V A T A R !!

It was such an awesome movie that i didn't mind sitting on the second row head held up all the way through the movie!!

I don't know how to put this into words but SO many thoughts were running around in my head throughout the movie. Cameron really knows what he's doing. I was awe-struck by the lavish depiction of the places.. so sci-fi.. so surreal.. fantasy overload haha.

(spoilers alert!)

So me and koibito were on our way up to Bsb for dinner and movies and i don't know how we got into the topic of the Vietnam war. We were talking bout Communism,the secret tunnels by the guerrillas and stuff and i said that there must've been lotsa sex around as men are hungry animals wtf especially Women deprived men wtf, but for some cases sparks may fly and they might have ended up marrying the locals. It was Funny when I was watchin the show cus the plot was So much like Americans communicating with the locals and ofcourse, Jake and Neytiri fell in love (aww) and had sex mated (SEE!) I was wondering how they ahemmed cuz the scene was cut. then koibito said they bonded with their hair HAHAHA WTF. But this is kinda logical! LOL

And i don't know if you noticed (you're blind if you haven't), there was a strong environmental message from the movie and the part when the giant bulldozer was wrecking their forest my heart dropped cuz it reminded me of the Michael Jackson's earth song!!! Such an emotional scene seeing the scared and anguished faces of the people. *sad

Another thing was the language. I've always been fascinated by languages and i was wondering how they made a WHOLE new language out of nowhere, with proper syntax, phonology, verbs, and stuff. Then koibito said, "they just speak any random language reversed" T T why my bf lidis.

There were many other things, like the different faces of Humanity. The evil side, and the spiritual side. And ofcourse, the coolest thing about the whole movie.. Avatars!!
Actually i have a lot more to say but my ability to express things is handicapped. Haha, so there, awesome movie:D

Pictures :)

Christmas Eve.

I love her tan! I can never go golden bronze like this. The last time i (deliberately) went tanning was in Koh Samui and i thought i had a fab tan and even walked around the streets in a mid-riff baring top and flowy skirt wtf! Then days after that the glow turned into dull yellowish skin! Nightmare!

Actually, i'm not too far from being dull and yellowish nowadays :/


Christmas Day (Avatar day hehe)


my own man in blue :) who can never get his hair right (- -)

On New Year's Eve!

mah two besties!

Okay. bed time. I'm flyin on monday to Singapore! *gleeful

Have a Happy New Year all! Have a blessed 2010 and may yal stay fab!


01:47 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com