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Saturday, 16 January 2010
♥; Love is magic
I just remembered i haven't written about my dear anniversary because i have been waiting for someone t

Anyway, it was a series of events.
On the actual day we had a date for dinner at Orchid room and i was frantically running around town the whole afternoon to finish up my gift for him - our own scrap book :)
I've been buying bits and pieces of stuff for the past month but couldn't start on it because of exams. So basically, everything was a rush!

It was almost 7 pm and i was still sticking glue to pictures!
I kept delaying the dinner and felt sorry for keeping him waiting and in the end i had exactly 7 minutes to put on makeup and dressup look for something to wear FML. (ended up putting makeup in the car lol)

i like it when we go out and his hair's done (rare)

him with our scrapbook (empty cuz no time to decorate lol)

happy cuz can get to eat

after dinner @ our spot where he proposed one year ago in the car with the key chain. the clock is showing the time too *shyyyy

We had a post anni celebration in Miri :)

AWW.this was hanging off an Xmas tree in a hotel. So cuteee. Another one read " I want PS3" haiih guys

Another prototypical situation. Why that night so many major football match fml

Happy with food again (and white wine!)

After Alfresco :)

the lil girl with the christmas tree

Our Handmade scrapbook.fyi it's 3D; the butterfly is actually fluttering over the flowers hehehe.
The inside will have to wait until next time (when someone finis

Written for my koibito:

It's a surreal kinda feeling.
Never thought it'd last this long
But now baby, what we have is magic

Lots of times I flare and you hide
I cry and you sigh
But what we have is magic

It's not an easy road but we have love
And love, baby, is magic


02:34 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com