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Friday, 4 December 2009
♥; I fell in love/ I was a weirdo

Okay, almost 2 years ago. I fell in love. okay, i don't care how you'd call it, love,lust,crush, obsession(?!).......whatever

There was this guy. He had the greatest charisma i have ever seen. Those enchanting eyes....... and not to forget, his hands.. oh those magical magical hands........

WHAT??? Don't get me wrong okay! I'm talking about Cyril here!


I fell in love with him after seeing his magic. Some of it were cliched, but i couldn't help feeling great admiration for this man. Thinking back it feels so silly, but i was o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d!

Guess who's on the far right?

I bought all his DVDs i could find. Watched them in glee wtf. Tried to understand how the magic worked. When i turned off my DVD player i thought about him day and night and what a wonderful man he was.

The video of this was funny!

VMAJ 2008!

I joined Myspace just BEcause. Yes, just because he has a myspace account. I dropped him comments (2 times only la), together with all the weirdo people who obsessed him too.
Although he never replied our comments, we have a tiny place in our heart called Hope that he'll one day do wtf.

inside our hearts wtf

Pink Panther!

Besides Cyril, i became interested in Magic X too. I added all of em up and was fascinated by magic altogether.

Cyril with Rico and Danny of Magic X. Rico replied to my comment before!

I also decided that i HAD to take Japanese, although I've always loved languages. But this time, i had another motive. I told myself i HAD to take Japanese and i HAD to go Japan. I checked his tour dates and tried to estimate where he'd be. Even though I know i wouldn't be able to meet him at least I had stepped on the land he was born in hahaha
That was the reason why i was so devasated and angry at myself when one of my mate ( who was as eager as me to go) told me she had issues and didn't wanna go already and since there wasn't anyone accompanying me anyway i chose to go shopping in Singapore over Starving but absorbing culture in expensive Japan wtf >:(

I was more devastated, Crushed even, when most of my friends went this year and i couldnt. That's fate and what it does to you. Sighh >:'(

Cyril in Hiroshima

Anyway, back to Cyril. I feel sillier by the moment now Omg.
I even made a video compiling all his pictures and also made THIS. HAHAHAHA.


I joined his fanpage in Facebook last year and there was only like..... Two fans? (ok i joke, but you get what i mean). I posted his pictures to the fan page and there's that.
My obsession slowly died down, but hahah OMG i was a weirdo fan girl!

His appearance in the movie RED BELT!

Anyway, i don't know what's up lately ( as yal know, i'm still a fan, just not obsessed anymore lol), but people's been commenting on my Cyril Photos almost everyday!!! I have a slight suspiscion that i might be all thos Cyril specials airing in AXN lately.

I should be happpehh, people are seeing what i see. I am. UNTIL this. BOO YOU.
I saw a photo of this guy WITH CYRIL (omg!) and ofcourse i commented. So did other fags. One of em was saying he was jealous and i said " Me too". And other light hearted envious comments followed but he replied specifically to ME.

to Alfeera:
really? oh welll. lucky me!!! keke.

to Jac:
don't be jealous.

15:09 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com