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Monday, 30 November 2009
♥; What they perceive
It's quite amusing how mere words can enlighten our minds and hearts.
I am thoroughly thankful for stumbling upon a blog. Her joviality and open-heartedness towards her relationship has given me a different perspective, and a thoroughly eye opening experience.

I've gone through hell and back these few days. Well, not actually hell, cuz i've learnt to forgo the things that disturb me (new skill, laughs), at least temporarily. But things were bad because it made me scared. I saw and experienced that side of a relationship i've never been to before. I want to confide in someone but.... nah...

Most of the time i understand what is wrong. It is, for the matter, my problem, and what i tell are just 20% of what is happening, and biasedly negative as per my emotions.

I don't need someone to tell me " I told you". I just need a sidekick to help lay off the bad stuff and laugh and feel better.
What better sidekick than reading. Happy writings, silly writings, plain senseless but funny writings... which reminds me,
I've encountered so many blogs where the perceived image is bimbotic. Talking about makeup, being supposedly quite carefree and.... bimbotic perse. But if you analyse further the make up of their words, they are actually intellectual beings with a strong state of mind.

Image image image. It's quite sad how people perceive of you by the attitude and get up you give off. It really irks me. Why can't a person be indifferent to "serious" stuff and have fun without being judged. I guess that's the way the world rolls (get it? get it? hahaha)

Am i supposedly less smart than you if i'm not an Engineer or works in the area of the Sciences? Am i less capable if i like to get dressed up and party? Am i less capable if i'm indifferent to some things you deem are important?


I bet half of them won't even pass a General Trivia test.

01:16 Shimmerloved

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