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Friday, 13 November 2009
♥; UBD Charity Gala Night
Okay. to cheer myself up. Pictures from Gala Night. *so lame wtf
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I only bought my outfit at the last minute. I was debating over this black ruffly tube dress or this lace/eyelets mini. In the end i chose the latter. BUT, it was TOO SHORT. Like really short , short. And i didn't have any black shorts with me to go underneath it Me and mam were looking for shorts and i wuz about the try em out but the SA shooed me out of the dressing room (nicely). Apparently i had taken too long (**)

Anyways, we decided to go to other stores to look for black shorts. We were in Utama Grand and for fcks, couldnt find any black pants! In the end mam gave me some black yoga shorts and i cbf and bought it HAhhaha. Then when i arrived back at the dorm i realised i Did bring my black shorts with me FML -_,-''

When i got fully dressed i realised i looked like some flapper girl from the 20's and i LOVE Flapper girls lol.
We almost got kicked out of the hall cuz some commitee member said mam's tube dress was too revealing and she pointed out that my skirt was too short -.-. Anyway, she gave me a shawl to cover me legs and all was fine. The doorman/body guard there was HOT. Like Spanish HOT. Some cross over between Van Diesel and SOMEONE (but i cant remember the name!)

Apparently they said that he was making the moves on me (which i doubted) and dared me to ask for his n.o WTF. It could've been fun but yal know i have no balls (yal know that don't you hahahah).

TESL classmate, Rahman



I hate me legs! i'm only showing it here cuz it's my space and no one reads it. Koibito says i look fat fml. Eddie just simply REFUSES to delete the pic of me fat legs in fb FHL hahaha. oh god

with mam and josh <3

Beautiful people (lol at the man in green)

All in all it was a nice night. Although we might have left a bit too early and missed some performances and dancing :/

I miss dancing. I'm determined to do a routine on MJ's beats. After the exams ofcourse:)
The timetable isn't out yet!! EXAMS ON 22 SUNDAY!!!) @(*#)(#@*$#Q)((#
Gonna be a busy busy month.

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