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Monday, 30 November 2009
♥; The Story of the Infamous General Hots Muchacha
There was once a crunchy snack called Cheetos Flaming Hot. It was born Red and it was not liking it one bit. Why am i red when all of em fags are light brown!
Yes, he was red, and he got mad, and he decided to rule over the world, or at least people's stomachs.

He studied biophysichemwachamacallit science and turned himself into an addictive menace called General Hots.

He was red, but he wants everyone who eats his clones Red too!

Red tongue, red lips, red fingers......... and yes, red poo poo T T

"Muahahahahhahhaa," it roared squeaked

One day, an unsuspecting fat girl bought a pack of Cheetos Flaming Hot and never looked back since.

However, she promptly discovered the evirrrrl plans of the Dictator.

"NoooOooOoooOooo," she screamed

"Muahahahah, muahahahha!" it squeaked

Everytime this girl had the whole family pack of Flaming hot ( yes she is greedy like that, that's why she's fat too), she gets the worst ache in the tummy and she swore to herself, "I'll never eat another piece of you ever again!"
She gave General Hots one swift kick and he flew out of planet earth.

Years later, this girl was strolling along the aisle with her dearest koibito and little did she know, General Hots had made it all the way back to the aisles with a bigger and better recipe.

The girl, who was in constant amnesia, unsuspectingly bought the menace home. What was worse, her koibito who was never an avid fan of snacks jumped on the bandwagon on his first crunchy bite and the both of em munched on the evirrrl snacks until their mouth were full like hamsters. They got their mouths red, hands red, and the next morning...

"NooooOoooOooOooOOOoooo..." the girl screamed.
Crap. Bad bad tummy ache T T
Little by little, flashbacks of her encounter with the General Hots kicked in.
"Muahahahahahahahahhah" he squeaked ever so delightedly.

This time, she wasn't going to let him get away with it. With one bite, she swallowed General Hots down her throat, had the most wicked tummy ache to date, and ouuuut he went down the drain, in his pure evirrrl essence, RED.

The End.

Victims of General Hots

Unidentified Child #1: I like them so much. They're my favorite. When I eat Hot Cheetos, I get crazy.

What would happen to me if I ate this whole bag.

Unidentified Child #4: You might have the runs.

Unidentified Child #5: Your booty might be burning.

(Adapted HERE)

19:12 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com