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Sunday, 15 November 2009
♥; Plato's Atlantis

These shoes are serzly the epitome of futuristic chic!
These Alexander McQueen's S/S 2010's were debuted on the Paris runway in October (near my birthday ;)
Not forgetting the clothes, models were morphed with mini dresses with reptile and geometric digital prints.
Can you spell Outrageous?

According to sources, these designs were in accordance to the (damned) revelation of the End of the World. Which reminds me, 2012 was the bomb! Although I know it's in a way succumbing to the apocryphal prophecy(?), but yea. it was good! Btw, did you guys see Arnie in there?? Hahahaha. I recognised that fag accent and promptly remembered he was the Governor of California wtf

K. Anyways, McQueen believes that humankind has evolved from the sea and this Line clearly shoes his vision. Read: sea-reptile, aquatic, jewelled, geometrical, futuristic, Atlantis (cue from 2012: John Cusacks's book "The Lost Atlantis" lol).

Apocalypse or not. I am loving the whimsical portrayal of this outrageous OUTRAGEOUS fashion.

Here is a pic of Heiress and Fashion icon Daphne Guiness rockin the infamous alien shoes. I agree it does look a bit funny hahahaha wtf but all's good in Love and Fashion!!!

Better still this line is in collaboration with no other than my FAVOURITE glam pop rocker artist of all time, other than Kylie. LADY GAGA.
Fuck you people who just keep rambling on and on and on about "natural" beauty or uzztang makeup. I protest!! Genre people. GENRE!!! Shove off the clones and let the Drag Queens rock the stage!!!

See if you can spot the despotic shoes in there. I love love love this number, esp. at 3.30 mins! Some of m'mates think it's scary but i think it's da freakin bomb!!! Enjoy!

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