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Friday, 13 November 2009
♥; I need to know myself
Fate can be so mean.

One thing turns sour and all the others spit lemon at you too. Sometimes i guess no one really understands you. But sometimes, it's all due to the perception you let people create of you. I guess i'm just lousy at that. I'm just me.

I m missing micheyz so much. Appreciative of the support she's given me. Although we've had some cuts back in the days, due to her eccentricity ( which are, fast fwd to this age, norms), i find her the Most level-headed and mature out of all of us.

Some of us who have been sooooo strong-headed about some beliefs and have fuckin Zero- tolerance to it (no is no)..are doing the exact fucking shit they swore their asses on.

Some of us are just beginning to SEE what it really is to be entangled in social politics of the "superficial" culture.

But yeh, micheyz seen em all.

Such a confusing phase. I dont know what to do.

I am aware of all my actions and i run through Every mistake i make.
But when it comes to practice, i just fail.

Selfishness should be deemed illegal.

Have you not commited yourself to someone when you step into a relationship?
I'm not saying marriage per se.
But commitment as in responsibiliy for the feelings you create. Love, Sadness, Anger, Dissapointment..


In the sense of relationships, we are Responsible for making our other halves happy, as much as we can.

Why is it even Permissable to say " I am selfish when it comes to relationships"

What does that even MEAN? Yeh, it's mean (excuse the pun)

Saying this word MEANS you are proclaiming that you do want Want to be responsible for your other half's happiness. (mind you, the 'responsiblity" here is strictly in the sense and the target area of these two individuals, other factors aside) In fact, you just stepped all over it.
And the fact that you are not affected by how sad and bothered he/she is,....what does that show???

Why stay in a relationship when you know that it is disposable, since your partner sees not the commitment?

It's like a prophecy waiting to happen. Like 2012. No matter how great it is now, we'll all just die in the end.

I know we should all live as happy as we could and strive the fullest. Ofcourse if the 2012 prophecy were to happen i'll surely stick my guts out and LIVE IT.
But this is different, you Know things can be better, to the way you want it. But you don't know how to get there. In the end when it's over. You feel sif you've not accomplished anything. I know i should enjoy the ride. I AM enjoying it. i am Loving it. but i KNOW the ride can last, why can't i save it. Why should i let it stop. It's mine. I bought the tickets...Why....


14:21 Shimmerloved

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