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Friday, 16 October 2009
♥; Nail em!
I'm not the one that's particular on (my) nails, if u notice, my nails are forever short and if there's polish on em, they're chipped wtf. However, i love it when a nail polish's unique! like the matte ones from OPI, Zoya, and Manglaze ( none which are available locally T T)

Anyway, i love this :D

*NOT my nails

See the star patterns there? They're not drawn on, but Magnetised!
And to think this is from L'OREAL!!
First, you apply a coat of the nail varnish
Secondly, place the fingernail close to the magnet (at the handle) without touching
A starlike pattern appears! *starry eyed.

IMHO, the color above is kinda crappy.Lookie it in silver!!!


However , I don't know where to get these lil gems because nothing's ever available in Brunei, not even drugstore brands like this. huhuhu.
Like when I wanted Revlon Nude attitude and went over to the counters but never found one -____-

In addition to things that i can't get

Solotica lenses (pictured above, Azul Claro, meaning something blue lol)

The above color simply sweeps me off my feet! I've wanted contact lenses like this since forever. It goes so well with the gothic-dark look. Lenses available here are mostly too funky/ fake looking, for me, at least.

These lenses are made and distributed only in Brazil so they're quite expensive to get online (up to USD 50 i think). That also means it's impossible for me to get. FACT 1 about me, in average,i change contact lenses every 3 weeks, not because i want to, but cuz i need to. My eyes are so sensitive they always dry out on me T T.

Anyway, have a good evening yal. Im not too sure about mine tho :/


17:45 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com