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Saturday, 31 October 2009
♥; Life changes after 20
Very stressed. Worse still, it's a deja-vu/recurrent kinda feeling *shudders

Why do we keep putting off things that matters??

I see are chances flying by and i can't seem to grab hold of em.

I need competition. I want to be back in shape like the primary and secondary days. I miss that. A lot.

University is so different. I've come to realise that someone doesn't necessarily have to have the smarts, at least in the humanities field. What you need is to be hardworking and hand in what you have to do.

That is my exact problem

Thinking having the smarts is enough + laziness = DISASTER

What if i didn't turn down the chance to take up design three years ago? Where would i be right now? Still clueless? Would I have graduated and be working under mom's designer friend already? Would i have quit 'cause I would think that languages and linguistics is what I want to venture in?

That is pure evil reciprocity!

Realised I've made so many wrong detours in life just because of not thinking thoroughly enough

In this area, is there anything as "wrong" anyway?

You see some people out there who're far more clueless than you are who get presented with all the opportunities

Then again, this is life.

♥ But what do I want in life?

There's too many questions piling up, left unanswered.

I need answers.

*sharp detour >.>

Been playing with this the past few days, this is what i hooked up again.

Live Laugh Love. In floral pinks!! Featuring There's Hope for Breast Cancer inspirational silver necklace.

I hope this phase of searching-for-the-meaning-in-life goes away soon.
But hey, isn't that what we're born to do?


00:41 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com