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Thursday, 10 September 2009
♥; What i am feeling + What i perceive of some
Sometimes... you feel as if nobody understands you, not even yourself.
Sometimes... you feel as though nothing is right.
Sometimes... it really feels as if nobody knows what you want, as if you're at war with yourself.
Sometimes... you just don't know what you want.
Sometimes... it just feels as though the world is angry with you and decided not to make your day.

Just a small piece of my mind. Sometimes, people do get all over themselves with their problems. That is All they talk about. I guess underneath it all, we're all just insecure beings, seeking for the answers we want to hear, for the empathy, for the shared pain we go through, for the condolences and support. However, no matter what people say, for the most, decisions for the actions that we want to take depends on ourselves; sometimes, it just clicks into place just like that.

I got this excerpt from someone's blog. Hope she doesn't mind me putting this here

Now that i am single, i am able to view and think from a single-mind hood and it makes me realized how woman can be so annoying, so demanding, so unreasonable so not understanding at all and at times. Especially the ones that are attached. Their current actions reflects a mirror of me in the past. I can totally feel it in their shoes why such actions are portray. Sometimes i feel sad for those woman who carries this kind of weak actions. Past experience help me understand why and how. And you will be a much better understanding person, friend, girlfriend, or wife to that someone that matters in your life.

This is exactly the person i am turning into. Every single advice i have given and have visioned from the stance of Singlehood have now turned their backs on me. I've turned into this easily agitated weakling who feels overwhelmed by emotions.
To comfort myself, one thing that i always tell people:
Everything's just a phase. Phases come and go. The good ones we keep in memory.

I hope bad times like this (it's ALL in the name of PMS. god!) fly fast. I want beautiful beautiful memories. And I want to be able to dwell industriously into many many other future undertakings too! Ganbarisu!!!!!!!

This song has been playing in my playlist of late. Doesn't relate to anything in particular, i just like it a lot and started listening to it again.


21:07 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com