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Sunday, 20 September 2009
♥; Parties + Giveaway!
Slept at 4.30 yesterday. I could feel my liver burning. oh gosh. Is that a sign of too much alky? I serzly didnt have much.! T T  Anyway, i got up in the morning with no signs of fatigue and have gone to the washroom to detox twice already so i guess that's okay right hahaha wtf.

Went to Max doi's house for a steamboat session and pigdog's after that. It felt really good having all your friends gather in a spot, just chilling out:) Pigdog's was another story, it was dance dance dance all the way baby!!!

If i had a dollar for each time a person asked me where my boyfriend was, i'd be swimming in cash now lol wtf. The answer i give Never changes. If you've asked me before you should know :)

Ahhh. bliss with the internet. Life without a phone and the connection to the www SUCKS big time. On Wednesday i had to walk all the way to the IT lab to go online to do my research and at that same time my phone went dead on me started to die. I brought the charger along with me but the cursed thing just wouldn't budge when i tried it in the socket.

Whatmore, mich texted me that the Rakuno Gakuen students were CUTEEEE> OMG> i had that stupid heck of an assignment to do and we all know assignments are more important haha wtf. When i was finally done with my research, i wanted to text her to see if they were still there and ofcourse, my phone had already died by then and i had no choice but to walk ALL the way back to my room to revive the damn thing. So i actually Missed seeing them! One of them looks like Leonard and another looks like RAINNNN ok! Itu Korea punya HUJAN AHH.
I don't know how some people can live without a phone or think the internet is superfluous (that's you E****)

Anyway, it's a Sunday and by this time i usually would be having brunch with koibito but hey..someone might be on a banana boat or rocking with some chicks now haha.

Giveaway again!

Tammi is hosting a giveaway celebrating 50 followers. Guess what, it's grown to more than a 100 now. Congrats!! Her site has a variety of topics like entertainment, beauty, food, and so on :D. Go check out the giveaway HERE.

The prizes are so so nice, as with most of the giveaways i have entered so far but never won:(
I've heard So much about Silk Whitia masks and China Glaze nail polishes but sadly, we don't have em here.

Anyway, some pictures from last week. At Victoria, East Wood. It was nothing but fun fun fun!


the crowd is saying hello!


And the week before that....


koibito <3

I wish i could go to Miri too for my bday...:( Or just a spacious floor for me to dance my heart out!
Not forgetting champagne! Sigh.

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