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Friday, 11 September 2009
♥; Hand me a bag
I guess fooling around lurking in cyberspace does make one feel better, especially reading lame jokes from various sites :)

Azi gave a lame yo mama joke in msn tonight. I didnt get to join in the conversation cuz i was away.
-Yo mama's so fat, it takes 4 days to go around her waist


Ahhhh i want a vintage distressed/crushed leather handbag!! Or a suede one. Like Loewe's 'Tierra 49' bag....Rock & Roll baby. Or another casual like LV Noe.. in red!! T T

On the other hand, i'd also want a prim and proper handbag. 2.55 .. my ultimate love. I will get you someday.
I'd like to see myself as a mature, elegant, refined, and definitely more independent young lady when i wear it in the future:> ( writing this vision makes me wanna laugh, with the rate i swear at the moment, but hey, a dream for a dream:>)

Hell, in my dreams i'll have All the variations of the classic flapbag AND the Reissue. lmao.

I definitely think all of us should dress age appropriately, physically And cognitively. Sometimes, when i see people that are Blinded by brand names and go into a brand frenzy, whether (unnecessarily) showcasing their status or wealth or whatnots, or even some who know minimum information about a certain products but try to showoff either way, I really want to shake my head.

Hmm, about the abovementioned, im sorry if i have offended anyone, but as i said, this is MY SPACE (my space lmao, which reminds me, i joined myspace just to stalk Cyril Takayama and I havent stalked him like in a year i'm such a failure boohoo) and i'm entitled to my opinions.

Wtf why am i digressing, my main point is. I need a bag. Good night

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