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Friday, 4 September 2009
♥; 904
11 days without seeing koibito, i finally get to see him tonight! (Sunday for half an hour doesn't count =3=)

I got souveneirssss. Yay. So surprised...
Ok, i actually got him a very specific list of what to buy and he screwed it up lolss.

I wanted some tops from Dorothy Perkins which i lovelovelove and can't get enough of but the designs i wanted are all sold out!

This one i didnt expect. (another) perfume :)

Escada Sunset Heat

I would go for Moschino I lovelove or Dior Addict Shine (<3<3<3) but i told him Dior HIGH SHINE instead hahaha wtf!!! Like that also can mess up T T

Anyways, Sunset Heat has top notes of a cocktail of lemon, papaya with pineapple mousse, mango sorbet and refreshing water melon accords and base notes of sandalwood, coconut and hibiscus. The dominant scent that lingers on is Mangoooo:) Although i don't like mango as a fruit or drink. Yechh. I love its tangy aroma! I got to eat Mango pudding with evaporated milk at Fo Tang today and it's soo good. Ok, digressing

I usually go for sweet and powdery perfumes with a not too overwhelming frutiy scent and this is just the thing:)

The only downer is that the fragance doesn't last, not at all :/ I put some on 2 hours ago and now, there's just a bare hint of scent left, barely.

Wiell, at least today is better than yesterday, which sucked :(
I think i should venture off and search for the purpose of my life T T

Definitely not this

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