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Wednesday, 12 August 2009
♥; What i really think
Thank god for internet!

Argh i'm getting fatter. All the weight i lost over the holiday, which i REPEAT, i do NOT know how they managed to disappear pftt, are all coming back, pound by pound. @@

I'm not usually a girl who whines over these stuff too much. In fact, i Detest girls who don't eat and later complain of gastric pain or incessantly complain how fat they are or how I eat one bite less of those fries than them and blahblahblah yakyakyak AHH SHADDAPPP.

Mind you, i do whine but not Ceaselessly.

Hmm, have been linked several times.

The thing is.............................and it might sound funny/weird/idk.
Although all my posts are structured and written in such a way that it seems like it is Intended for a reader other than myself, I did start out me this lil space for Meself and it's all meant for me; like reading my own magazine wtf.
I do link to giveaways but those people are 100000 miles away from me and don't know me personally.

Other than that, i do feel a bit uncomfortable having mutual friends reading what i write.
I have come to an understanding that i'm not very good expressing myself verbally. That is why i ramble through words, in my diaries, which i have stopped doing, and here.

Now, i feel like my space is invaded. I admit i am fickle in a sense and i Hate being judged, unlike some who say as they please.

So, If you want to read what i write, keep your opinions and judgements to yerself.:)

Have a good day everyone! Dinner with me sexy ladies on Friday, can't wait!!!

14:51 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com