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Sunday, 30 August 2009
♥; Photoshoot
Just got back home from mam's :) Had a siao steamboat at her place with Sandy, Bobby ker, Vivienna, Serene, Shieh Yee, and the guy scholars from UK lol wtf.

I was quite tired because i didnt have too much sleep the night before; after tea session with the LMLs i went to Krystal's house for a sleepover!! She texted me on the morning/ noon (i forgot) of August 28th wishing us a Happy 828 and i promptly forgot about it! :X
828 is a very special date to us, 4 years ago, it was the day i got attached (hahahha) and played dolled up at her house (which i always used to do) and slept over at her place. :)

So after Actually sleeping over at her place on friday night... THEN i realised this was like a celebration for our anniversary! Just call me super blur.
Anyways, it was really fun...It was like my photoshoot all over again, although mine was an Ethereal , dreamy (gag) themed one and this one is the complete opposite. I just Love doing these stuff.:)

After helping put her on makeup, which made her cute single-lidded eyes HUGE, we chose the outfit, and proceeded to the photo taking.
Here are some of the shots :

( i don't know why this one turns out crooked when i upload it to blogger:/)

Compared to taking pictures, i have a very specific vision in mind when editting them; what i perceive of the picture and what i want it to bring out.
I don't know the first things about photography but i love it when a picture turns out the way i wanted it to be. Judging from the response in facebook, where i posted the pictures, i guess my taste and the others' (mostly guys lol wtf) tastes are distinctively different.
One of my favourite pictures would be the last one.and the second last one.
The last picture reminds me of the Kenzo Flower ad of Shu Qi.. but ofcourse, that's a different portrayal alltogether. This one is more Red Light District-ish, yet basked in elegance.
Ahhh. this is not what i perceive.. i'm so bad at describing..
Anyway, this also reminds me of what mam said to Sanny just now.. she was teasing his gf about him going to Red light district to look for hookers but she said " those Chicken Town". LMAOOOO.

There are more provocative that i really like.. but as i said, provocative hahaha. If you want to see em, u gotta steal my pendrive.. no wait, I lost mine, and i broke my 1 month old hardisk. Poorrr me.

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