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Saturday, 1 August 2009
♥; Another new step in life + Giveaway
Believe it or not, almost 3 wondrously beautiful months have passed by and Imma be on the way back to Uni in 50 hours!

A TOP LML I am. haha.

Seems so surreal. I'm excited yet dreading it.
I'm having trouble planning where the HELL to put all my clothes.
Normally, for uni, i pack up 4days of clothing, and that.. takes about..1.5 hours? haha

80% of my Clothes and shoes are packed in boxes/ plastic bags, and i've been having enough trouble getting them out for everyday use, not to mention packing them up for uni.Moving house is So unpleasant. gahhh.

Less luxury time with koibito too. Will certainly certainly treasure all the good times we had within this period. <3

Sometimes, i'm really such a bully. I will guai foh hei gung/ summerslam/mandible claw koibito if i'm annoyed at him. eeeee. I have a lot to say but imma skip it haha hm. i love you bibi

Anywayss! Last few days to play with all our might!

Giveaway alert!

Nu Nu doll (who reminds me of Flo :>) is having a fantastic giveaway from MAC's Graphic Garden collection!! i'm loving the palettes. I will die if get the Fresh cut palette! M loving lilac a whole lot! haha. so excited wtf.
More details, click HERE

Imma sign off now. Muahs all :)



02:37 Shimmerloved

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