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Wednesday, 8 July 2009
♥; My Room
My money has an invisible shield!!!

I literally jumped out of bed from my afternoon nap despite not having slept the entire night and most of the morning to Look for it AGAIN.

My aunt came over yesterday morning and gave me some money. I was still drowsy at that time so i left it on my dresser and went back for some more shut eye.

After waking up and going about doing stuff i recall taking it from the dresser to put it.....................somewhere

(T .T

I know I didn't put in inside my wallet because to get to my purse, i have to wade through mountains of boxes and clothing ( yes my room is that messy now) lol.

Besides that, my memory serves no service of recollection (;_;)

Anyway. i'm determined to get back what i lost. Starve myself for 20 days or something wtf.

Speaking of my room. Sighs I'm gonna miss it the most. I've been sharing this room with my sister for the past .. i dunno..13/14 years? It used to be really minimalistic and quite spacy but over the years me and sis have cluttered decorated it according to our own taste.

This is what i wrote for my creative writing for LE 1206 on that topic (mind you, creative writing =crap)


As I enter the room, a fleeting aroma of potpourri greets me. As I inhale into the crisp air-conditioned air infused with floral scents, a feeling of serenity sweeps over me. I lay foot onto the pale carpeting that covered the entire floor and jump onto my ruffled bed, unmade since the morning.

As the bed lies in the corner, I could take on the view of the entire room. A shade of off-white covers the four walls but they are plastered with photos of family, friends, my drawings, and several drawings that portray traditional Japanese art.

Adjacent to the door, a wooden bookshelf filled with books stands against the wall. Beside it is a study desk, which never really stood up to its name phrase; instead, it serves as a place for hours of gaming and surfing. On another side of the wall, three dusty windows sat next to each other. In front of them was a shelf with several planks of wood that I decorated with girly knick knacks, tiny accessories, and personal photo frames.

Across the foot of my bed are two cupboards, side by side, that are crammed with clothes that were taken in and out of the doors but never really got folded back along the way. Beside the cupboards is a dresser that I prized, a hand me down from my mother. With a snowy white finish, it has a central mirror and two smaller adjacent mirrors. On the top right affixed an idle night lamp that I never managed to find the switch to.

Looking up, a solitary chandelier-like lamp hangs from the ceiling. As evening draws near, the room gets permeated in a blush of orange. And as if by accordance to the darkening of the skies, the ceiling lamp suddenly blinks bright. I cover my eyes in reflex to the sudden burst of light. As I open my eyes, the slender figure of my sister greets me. I roll my eyes as she pokes into my cupboard to “borrow” a dress as usual.

HAHAHA. i think my sister would kill me if she reads this cuz I'M the one who usually "borrows" her clothes.


The wooden bookshelf

Some of my knick knacks on the first plank

My "traditional japanese art" haha. I made this to camouflage/complement the yellow streaks of water from our old
aircon. tokidoki <3 style="font-style: italic; color: rgb(102, 51, 102);" onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_yCYGMcETlMQ/SlRrryuW7RI/AAAAAAAAAVs/hdRxbAU2G58/s1600-h/DSC03481.JPG">

I didn't mention this small cabinet. I guess i'd have to throw away the flowers...:(

The "study" desk

Make that Two beds that overlook the room. The pink one is my sis' but i took over since she's not around. The other bed is 24/7 full of clothes.

Poster of my husband

We have the same birthday too. Candlelight dinners all the way. Lol

I think i'm coming up with a fever..

UPDATE: i found my money (weeks after) i was worried it would get lost so i tucked it in my pencil case. Imagine my glee when i opened it !

16:37 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com