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Friday, 26 June 2009
♥; Giveaways!!
Yin is disappointed right now. I so so so want to watch Transformers 2. Sigh. Empty promises ~~
Anyway, to cheer myself up, imma enter More Giveways!! Hail to Giveaways!!

First off

1) Stephie J's giveway.
Prices include:

I'd want that IKEA picture frame, and the D&G body lotion, and everything in that pic!! Will make good additions to my t0-be room! They say throwing out junk leads to good fengshui, but i feel terrible parting with me stuff. When i chance upon an old memorable item I can spend all day reminiscing lol, that's why my room is not even HALF cleared after so many days.
Anyways, click here to Join!

2) Nancy Lauren's giveaway!
Prices include:

Drooool! Especially the Lancome lippie! Lots more Yummy prizes. Click here to view her blog and join!

3) My sweet fix's giveaway giveaway giveaway
Prizes include:

There are loads more yummy prizes. Check them out here! Don't forget to link me if you join:D

As usual, i hope i win! that'll refrain me from buying any make-up items next month *wiggles brow.
Influenced by koibito: need to save up! :)

EDIT: joining the giveaways did me justice! lol. i AM going to watch Transformers2 tomorrow. i YAY! i hope it doesnt get messed up again. *lucks

RANDOM: Here's mememe on Halloween. i miss red lipstick!

19:02 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com