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Wednesday, 24 June 2009
♥; Giveways + Blogshopping
They say third time's the charm, and yin is gonna enter yet another giveaway! 2 for that matter!

Topaz Horizon is hosting a giveway for her blog's 3rd year anniversary! Loads of Maybelline goodies:P
click here to check it out and join!

Beautiful with Brains is also celebrating her blog's anniversary. Lots of goodies that are not available here. would so love to try em out! Click here to join!


Fat chance for me to win but no harm in trying right! i love love love these beauty bloggers, so generous and helpful!
Maybe it's the Passion. Which is something i clearly lack. must.....be.....more......passionate.....wtf

One thing i just realised. There have been a ginormous increase of blogs selling stuff in Brunei.. Maybe there always've been just that i sakai wtf. Besides the clothing blogs that have spun up like fleas to a mutt, there're also other more interesting ones.

I think all these women (generalising lol) are very very smart and business savvy.
It's very cliche to start up a online-shop/blog thingee but some of em are really interesting!
From my random browsing tonight i came across various sites but the ones that got my attention were:

1) the one that sells Shoes (somewhat like iWalk fashion kinda shoes, which i like. fyi: i once swore never to buy shoes from iWalk anymore. they may have the best looking shoes in Brunei wtf but QUALITY counts too godammit!)
fyi2: shoes from this site kinda expensive for a "no-brand" though.

the one that sells authentic bags/perfumes/watches and whatnots

3)the one that sells the usual apparels+ shoes+ cosmetics. Where i came across the fake MACS, okla not fake, when i asked she said high grade imitations o.O.
One thing about Brunei. Everywhere you go, you see imitation, imitation, imitation.
But GOdammit, imitation COSMETICS?!!!

Nevertheless, the girl states in the site that all other cosmetics are authentic (lancome, chanel, cameleon etc etc etc) :>

All in all, very interesting and cute sites but i'd rather buy shoes, cosmetics and the whatnots personally. More assurance plus, that's where all the fun lies no:)?
oh. Except for stuffs from Taiwan/Japan/Korea especially those beauty gadget stuffs and maybe even for cosmetics cuz i'm cheap like that hahah!

The 3rd site i mentioned sells Tsuya Tsuya mascara!!

Have heard great and not so great reviews about it. Can give it a go, Provided it's not so bloody expensive. Can buy two Dior Blackouts with that money!

I'm currently using this :

Relian Mascara (which proves my cheap theory when buying Korean/Taiwanese stuff wtf) bought from a lovely website, love almost everything there. The fibers do a great job of giving the fluttery/feathery effect, although it tends to be a tad messy when they fall on my face :/

IMO, it does a better job than my Lash Gorgeous Wing, which promises feathery eyelashes.. which, i assume. comes from volume.. But Volume i do not see :/
That's why when i first got to the Majolica stand in singapore i was contemplating whether to buy:

MM's Lash beautifying mascara frame plus.
I wonder if it's the same thing as the Lash expander frame plus. But same thing or not, this is definitely to LENGTHEN lashes:) I decided against it in the end and bought an eyeshadow instead lol.

Not gonna post up any names of blogs here but if you're interested you're welcome to ask:D

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