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Saturday, 13 June 2009
♥; A closed mouth gathers no feet...............(?)
Sometimes, you have a feeling that high school never ends, no matter what age you are now.
Maybe in a sense.. we don't really grow up sometimes, we do things that we know will reap benefit to us, whether or not it'll cause some sort of harm.

One of the misdemeanors that plague the human race; manipulation. As I've said in a previous post, it is an art form. Most of us are part of these manipulative people one time or another and sometimes when you're in a serene mood you wonder Why you do it. It's an art of covertness, and most wouldn't even realise it. Well it's a cruel world out there; some say "a closed mouth gathers no feet". I agree to it to an extent.. but sometimes, no matter what you do, or in my argument, don't do, you somehow end up tasting toe nail polish.

I was reading up on the meaning behind the cherry blossom, and it kinda got me. For the Japanese, the cherry blossom symbolises the transience of life. Joys are temporary, but sorrows are also impermanent. Life is really too short to choose to be sorrowful innit?
This is frivolous, but, i wish the World would be a happier place. Don't hold grudges longer than you need to. You wouldn't care nor feel the need to care, but whatever you do, creates an effect, to an individual, to society, to yourself. Why make it a bad one?

This is a bitter post. Excuse my incoherence :) I'll end it with some amusing cartoons i got from an email. :)

P/S : "You don't have to expect people to agree with you" Thank you Peizz. it makes perfect sense!:).

From this afternoon, it finally struck me that Koibito is a really good "unmanipulator", arguing with him will make me wanna strangle him instead wtf

Mz Lily, thank you for following me!!! flattered:)

And.... i'mmmm offfff!!!

14:26 Shimmerloved

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