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Friday, 8 May 2009
♥; Lovess

Picture! After our dinner at Buccaneer.
Borrowed his camera, couldn't help to cam-whore a bit haha

Am wearing my valentine's gift. Swarovski teddy bear pendant:)


I want this! Majolica MajorcaLash expander frame plus. Saw it from Fuz's blog. and i dunno if its the fact that her lashes are already long.. but it seems to do such a good job on her. Me likes. I've seen this in a shop in Gadong.. godamn expensive. I could get it from Mihoko's shop...there's a sale right not according to Fuz.. it's retaling for US 29. so its around BND 42. However, with all those freight charges of wtv... i don't know how much it'll amount to. I never knew those shipping costs could be so blood draining wtf. Last year i sent a package of goodies to Mom using DHL. the package cost 40 bucks lidat. but the godamn charges were like like $70!!. frightening. Anyways. i still have to look around.
Also on make-up want list : L'EGERE multi white bb cream. Ai... haha.

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