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Saturday, 23 May 2009
hahaha. wtf is this:

Today, my contact fell out and I couldn't see. So, I put it back in and I could see again. MLIA


Today, I accidentally spelled my last name wrong on a test. I was using pencil though, so I erased it and spelled it correctly. MLIA.


Today, I walked over to step on a crunchy looking leaf. I stepped on the leaf, but it wasn't crunchy. I kept walking. MLIA.


Today, I went to put ketchup on my burger but it came out sort of clear and runny. I shook the bottle and it came out thicker. MLIA

Hahaha! FTS! fyi, MLIA stands for My Life is Average

On another note, check out this song (originally by Prince i guess (who looks like my uncle))
I don't usually like jazzz..but this is quite nice:)

Urselle - Purple Rain

P/S: it's 10.48pm now... just 9 hours plus before the citizenship test. I wish all my beloved ones good luck! God BLess!

S' farnee. I hear tv sounds from my dad's room and i opened the door seeing him and my lil bro there watching some Disney cartoon. My dad has to watch these over WWE/ thrillers/ action movies..haha aww. <3

16:39 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com